Solomon’s 7 Pillars of Wisdom – Darius Good pt 1

Solomon’s 7 Pillars of Wisdom

Darius Good pt 1

The Wisdom of God. How many people desire to know the Wisdom of God? How many of you believe you have the Wisdom of God residing on the inside of you? How many of you know how to access the Wisdom of God? How many of want to know more about unlocking the Godly Wisdom in your everyday life?

Well, my guest today Pastor Darius Good and he will be discussing this with us. He is going to share some information he has elaborated on, in detail, in his book, “Unlocking Godly Wisdom: Solomon’s 7 Pillars of Wisdom.”

Pastor Darius Good is the Senior Pastor of Bible Gospel Center in Hamden, CT. He is the producer and host of the “His Good Treasure Radio Show,” which airs weekly on radio 1400, WNYH 740 AM and on 100.7 FM. He is the founder of “Good Treasure Entertainment” and is also a music producer as well. He is the Vice President of “Reach the Nations Global Ministries,” an instructor and provost a “Reach the Nations Kingdom College” and author of this great book, “Unlocking Godly Wisdom: Solomon’s 7 Pillars of Wisdom.”

Help me welcome to the program, Darius Good.

Ok, first question I always start with is this. Other than that brief information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Darius Good?”

You start the first section of your book with a revelation the Lord gave you about the names of the planets. I thought that was absolutely fascinating. Can you share that information with our listeners?

So the Earth is actually named after Jesus Christ. That is so cool…

What inspired you to write this book? Why this book? And why now?

Throughout the Bible, Solomon has been proclaimed as the “wisest man who ever lived.” There is no doubt God blessed him with Wisdom, as you indicated in your book, and as recorded in the Bible. But you took the title of your book from something Solomon wrote in Proverbs 9:1 which reads, “Wisdom has built HER house, SHE has hewn out HER seven pillars.”

I emphasized the words SHE and HER because, as I was reading the first sections of your book, I seen these references to “she” and “her” and I was wondering WHY you were using those pronouns. Then, I seen the scripture references! Praise God!

Tell us, “Who is the Spirit of Wisdom?” Is it the Holy Spirit?

You reference the use of the female pronoun because of your study where the Lord revealed to you something about “producing” as it concerned angels. But you are not talking about reproducing like having offspring. I think this would be a good foundation for us to start with. Can you explain that part of your book for us?

Somebody listening may be asking right now, “Does Godly Wisdom mean great advice? Does it apply to any area of life or only to “church” things?

Let’s go back to the 7 pillars. Tell us, “what is a pillar?”

Can you share these 7 pillars with us, generally speaking?

Contained in Proverbs 8:12…

You make a distinction, and rightly so, between “man’s wisdom” and “Godly Wisdom.” Can you explain that for us?

Folks, like I just said, Pastor Darius’ book, “Godly Wisdom: Solomon’s 7 Pillars of Wisdom” is a great read! It will be a great addition to your library and something you will definitely want to put on your reading list. I’ll put links down below in the show notes. Go down there, click the link and get your copy today. While you are there, click the links to get in touch with Pastor Darius Good. Go to the website. Go and listen to the podcast.



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