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Spend A Year With Jesus – Dr. Bruce L. Hartman

Spend a Year with Jesus

Dr. Bruce L. Hartman

How long does it take you to read the Bible through in one year?  That sounds like a trick question, right?  “Well, brother Bob, one year!”  That would be correct, if you actually followed through. I know many people have tried and quit well before the year was up.  But what if you could get the wisdom and inspiration of the Bible in a weekly devotional, that will have you right there with Jesus. A book that will give you that deep connection with Jesus that all Christians are looking for?

My guest today has authored such a book and I just had to reach out and invite him on the podcast today to share all about this book with you. You are going to be blessed today! Amen!

Dr. Bruce L. Hartman is the author of the book, “Spend a Year with Jesus: An Inspirational Journey of Finding Jesus and Faith.”  Dr. Hartman is a Christian and Story Teller. He is a former Fortune 500 CFO who left his corporate career to engage in a ministry of “connecting the lessons of the gospel to modern life.” His life’s mission is “helping people walk into a brighter future.” He is the author of “Jesus & Co.” (which received the Readers’ Choice Award in the fall of 2018) and “Your Faith Has Made You Well” as well as his new release “Spend a Year with Jesus.” He is also a podcaster,  host of the weekly podcast “A Closer Walk with Jesus.”

First question, which I always start with is this. Other than that brief information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Dr. Bruce Hartman?”

How hard was it to leave your corporate career behind to serve the Lord in this ministry?

How did you get the idea for this book? What motivated you to write it?

I know the general answer to this next question is going to be “Christians” but I would like to go a little deeper than that. Who is this book written for, specifically?

You start off your book by having your readers write a brief, two paragraph statement, about who God and Jesus are to them today. Can you explain why and how that relates to the study of the book?

The personal reflections are sparked by three questions at the end of each devotional. How are these used to bring someone into a deeper relationship with Jesus?

You basically have 10 chapters. I thought there would be 12 chapters, one for each month. But you have the year broken down into 10 groups to represent the Christian Liturgical Periods. Can you tell us why you decided to use that method for presenting the information?

This is an e-book on Kindle. It is designed to follow the Liturgical calendar for 2020. You mentioned you always have a writing project in mind. Do you have any plans to release another version for 2021 or can people continue to use this version and just slightly adjust the dates?

Will your next book a physical book?

I want to talk about your podcast before we go. You’ve been doing this awhile now and what I love is each episode is short, only about 5-10 minutes. But you cover a lot in that time. Tell us about your podcast a little bit. How long have you been doing this?

Dr. Bruce, this sounds like a great devotional. I know it is available on Amazon and I’ll put the links down in the show notes, along with the links to your other books.

On your website,, you also have a section called “In the News” that I found very interesting. Tell us about that part of your website as we get ready to close.

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, to ask a question or maybe to do an interview such as this, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, you need to this devotional. You know some others that need this devotional and would love to walk with you as you “Spend a Year with Jesus.” Amen!  Don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good! You know it’s true!

Go down into the show notes. All the links are right there. Links to the book, “Spend a Year with Jesus.” Links to the other two books by Dr. Hartman are there as well. Links to his website. Be sure to go to his website and subscribe to his podcast! It is only 10 minutes per week, but you will get a lot of insight in that time! You really need to go down into the show notes and reach out to Dr. Bruce. Do it now, while it is fresh in your mind. You know it you wait, the devil will try to distract you and you may forget. It will only take a few seconds. Do it now.




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 Jesus & Co. – on Amazon

 Your Faith Has Made You Well  – on Amazon

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