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Stay on Course – Randy Stone pt 1

Stay On Course with Randy Stone pt 1

In life, you need to know where you are going. You need to know the path you are on will take you to your destination. In the military, as a Cavalry Scout platoon leader, I learned how to read a map and lead a mission through swamps, forests, and desert. Part of that ability is to stay on course. As a pilot, and I know this can be applied to navigating on the seas, you need an azimuth to follow. If you are off just a little bit, by the time you arrive at, what you thought was going to be your destination, you could be 25, 50 or maybe even 100 miles off target.

In the military, that would be total mission failure. As a pilot or ship captain, you could run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. In all of these scenarios, you were off your destination because you were off your azimuth. Off your course.

My guest today is a long time friend, Bible school graduate and just an all around great guy, Randy Stone. Randy and his wife Pamela and their ministry partner Steven Winters, lead a ministry called, “3 Degree Ministries.” As they say, “If you are off course by 3 degrees, you will never make your destination.”

3 Degrees Ministries is a covenant ministry partner for pastors and ministry leaders offering training that will keep them in their calling with a protected anointing, offer a quality of personal life with God and family, and the capability of developing future generations of leaders for a lasting legacy.  They provide seminars and workshops the offer Biblically based training for business leaders and professional managers to draw them into a position of ministry leadership. 3 Degrees Ministries also works with Bible Colleges around the world to conduct courses on leadership training, administration, ministry operations and skill development.

Randy entered the ministry in 2000, first ministering to children, then prison/ jails and eventually planting a church where he and Pam pastored for thirteen years. Randy was ordained in 2004 and has been a student of discipleship for many years. He has become a competent coach, teacher, trainer and mentor. Randy is currently the program director for River City Recovery Ministries, Cambridge MN, which is a Christian living program for men and women recovering from substance abuse. His vision is to coach, teach, train and mentor pastors and ministry leaders to be all they can be. He builds a foundation through practical application, experience, and skill development, Randy enjoys teaching pastors and ministry leaders how to accomplish all of their God-given mandates, protect their anointing and preserve their personal lives.

Help me welcome to the program, Randy Stone!  Randy, thanks so much for coming on the program today!  It’s good to reconnect after all these years.  How have you been, brother?

Amen!  Randy, I always start with this question first. Tell us, in your own words, “Who is Randy Stone?”

I appreciate that you are trying to help other ministries and ministry leaders achieve all that God has called them to do. You do this using two or three day seminars. What are some topics that you would cover in those seminars?

I’ve seen many ministries, and businesses for that matter, that do not have a clear, articulated vision statement. They just use general things, like, “We help people.” Or “We preach the Gospel.” Or, “We preach the Word.” How do you help someone to FIND their vision? I guess could be question one. And how do you help them to articulate that vision clearly?

Do you find many ministries and non-profits that have not figured out how to navigate the IRS requirements for a 501-c-3 designation?  How do you help them to navigate those waters?

Now, you help businesses and ministries to achieve these things. But how do you get people to notice that you are doing these things?  Do you do a lot of advertising or is all word of mouth type referrals?

Once someone has gone through your classes, how do you help them?  After the seminars or after the training? Like follow up services.

Having a team that you can rely on is so important today. Do you help people to build their own support teams?  How do you do that?

Folks, WOW!  That about sums up our discussion for today with Randy Stone!  You need to get in touch with Randy and inquire about his seminars. Make plans to attend one near you. If there is none in your area – be a leader and contact him to come to your town and hold a seminar! Praise God!  Don’t wait on others to take the initiative – YOU take the initiative.





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