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Stay on Course – Randy Stone pt 2

Stay On Course with Randy Stone pt 2

In life, you need to know where you are going. You need to know the path you are on will take you to your destination. In the military, as a Cavalry Scout platoon leader, I learned how to read a map and lead a mission through swamps, forests, and desert. Part of that ability is to stay on course. As a pilot, and I know this can be applied to navigating on the seas, you need an azimuth to follow. If you are off just a little bit, by the time you arrive at, what you thought was going to be your destination, you could be 25, 50 or maybe even 100 miles off target.

In the military, that would be total mission failure. As a pilot or ship captain, you could run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. In all of these scenarios, you were off your destination because you were off your azimuth. Off your course.

My guest today is a long time friend, Bible school graduate and just an all around great guy, Randy Stone. Randy and his wife Pamela and their ministry partner Steven Winters, lead a ministry called, “3 Degree Ministries.” As they say, “If you are off course by 3 degrees, you will never make your destination.”

3 Degrees Ministries is a covenant ministry partner for pastors and ministry leaders offering training that will keep them in their calling with a protected anointing, offer a quality of personal life with God and family, and the capability of developing future generations of leaders for a lasting legacy.  They provide seminars and workshops the offer Biblically based training for business leaders and professional managers to draw them into a position of ministry leadership. 3 Degrees Ministries also works with Bible Colleges around the world to conduct courses on leadership training, administration, ministry operations and skill development.

Randy entered the ministry in 2000, first ministering to children, then prison/ jails and eventually planting a church where he and Pam pastored for thirteen years. Randy was ordained in 2004 and has been a student of discipleship for many years. He has become a competent coach, teacher, trainer and mentor. Randy is currently the program director for River City Recovery Ministries, Cambridge MN, which is a Christian living program for men and women recovering from substance abuse. His vision is to coach, teach, train and mentor pastors and ministry leaders to be all they can be. He builds a foundation through practical application, experience, and skill development, Randy enjoys teaching pastors and ministry leaders how to accomplish all of their God-given mandates, protect their anointing and preserve their personal lives.

If someone took your seminar, went through the training, what kinds of tangible differences will they have made. Something that they will look back or that others may notice, and say, “WOW! You’ve changed!”

You have a team. You have your wife, Pamela. You have your partner, Steven Winters. You have surrounded yourself with people to hold you accountable. How do you provide this type of guidance and support to those that go through your program?

Is this support service for set period of time? Like one year? And, is there any additional fees?

There are basically two types of people that we associate with on a daily basis. Those that are aligned with our goals and values and those that are not. As a ministry leader – and as a business leader – who should we be pouring ourselves into? And for that matter, who should we be avoiding?

Now, you have what you call the “5 MUST Have’s for Ministry.”  I love this list!  Share with our listeners what your “5 Must Have’s” are and then I’ll have a couple of questions about this.

Professional – not a hobby. A profession is something that, in my opinion, you NEVER complete. You are always training. Look at professional athlete. Once they get that multi-million dollar contract, they don’t stop training and tell everyone, “I made it so I don’t have to work as hard now.” NO!  They push even harder at that point.  I believe ministry is the same way. We will never “make it” until this life is over and we are standing before the Lord.  A hobby, in my opinion, is something that you can change or drop at will. It’s a, for lack of a better term, a “side  hustle.”  How do you see those differences?

Enthusiasm. That does not mean “false enthusiasm” for the sake of showing others. It has to be internally.  When I was a drill sergeant, I used to tell my soldiers in basic training, “False enthusiasm is better than no enthusiasm.” In other words, I was telling them I expect to see you motivated, even when you don’t feel like it.  That was the outward enthusiasm that other can see. But we are talking about that internal enthusiasm that motivates only you, correct? How can someone develop that kind of enthusiasm?

Be the expert!  AMEN! In ministry, 2 Timothy [2:15] talks about, “Study to show yourself approved.” Now, in ministry and in business, in my podcast training, etc., I tell people, don’t be all things to everybody because then you help nobody. Pick ONE thing and do it better than anyone else. You can offer a couple of other things, but you should be known for ONE.  How do you see that topic of “being an expert?”

I have a sign here in my office, right above my computer monitor. It says, “What am I going to do today that others can’t do; won’t do or will not even think of doing.” Sometimes, when I’m wondering, “what’s next on my list?” I will see that. It helps me to stay on track – on path – on my azimuth, as we have been talking about today.

What do you mean by, “We must be 100% sold out, no shame?”

Finally, “we must raise our standards – always be hungry and stretch.”  I think that goes back to the analogy of the sports athlete. Just because he attained his life goal does not mean he can rest. Now he needs to set another goal. Something that will motivate him to get better. How can we do that in ministry? I mean, the “goal” is to help others see Jesus. But, I think that goes back the vision discussion we had in the beginning. Too vague.  How do you help people to identify ways to “raise their standards and stretch?”

On your website,, I seen a topic titled, “Destiny with Purpose” under “Freedom and Peace”  in the FAQ section. What to you mean by that term, “Destiny with Purpose?”

Man, Randy, this has been great! You’ve given us a lot to think about today. If someone wanted to get in touch with you, to reach out and inquire about your services or maybe to do an interview such as this…how can they do that? How can someone get in touch with you?

I will be putting all of this in the show notes below.

Folks, WOW!  That about sums up our discussion for today with Randy Stone!  You need to get in touch with Randy and inquire about his seminars. Make plans to attend one near you. If there is none in your area – be a leader and contact him to come to your town and hold a seminar! Praise God!  Don’t wait on others to take the initiative – YOU take the initiative.

Look at like this, if the Lord has called you to put together an Empowered Conference seminar with Randy, there are only two options and two results.  One, you obey. What is the worst thing that can happen?  Maybe only a couple of people show up. But YOU obeyed God! That means great things can come from what appears to be small beginnings.

The other option is, you DO NOT obey God. That means you are missing out on the blessings God had for you. The plans God had for you. And those that would have been called by God to attend that seminar are missing out on what God had for them – through YOU and the seminar!  And you are in disobedience to God…long story short – that is not a position you want to find yourself.

Randy, when our radio station, Evangelism Radio started to shoot up through the rankings on Shoutcast (ultimately being rated #1 in the world – on several occasions), I asked the Lord, “Why me? Why do you choose me to build this station doing things nobody else has ever done?”  His reply was, let’s just say, “humbling.” But I’ve played it over and over when faced with decisions that seemed impossible at the time. His reply to my question “Why me?” was, “Son, you were not the first one I called to do this. You were just the first one to obey.”

That means I was NOT God’s first choice!  At first, I was shocked! But then, I remembered the last part… “You were just the first to obey.”  THAT is where the Blessing resides! OBEDIENCE. Scripture even says, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”

Randy, thank you so much for taking the time to come on the program today.

Again, folks, go to the show notes down below and click on the links to get in touch with Randy Stone and his team.

We are all out of time for today. For Randy Stone and myself, this is Pastor Bob reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!





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