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The Blueprint of God – Don Long pt 4

The Blueprint of God

Don Long pt 4

How many of us have wanted to achieve something, starting a business or fulfilling a career goal, but failed? Or, worse yet, never even attempted to achieve the dream? Well, buckle your seat belts, folks. Today is going to be the day where you are going to receive a revelation that will inspire you to make a radical transformation to start walking out your God given destiny. Amen!

Today, I am concluding this great, four part interview with Don Long. We have been discussing his latest book, “The Blueprint of God.”  If you missed any of the prior episode, I urge you to go back and catch up. Don has been sharing some absolutely fabulous information with us.

Don Long is a respected serial entrepreneur of two businesses that have generated more than $100 million in sales spanning over three decades. His businesses were rated in the top 1% of companies in his industry in the United States. He sold these businesses so he could pursue his passion of writing, speaking and helping other entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and achieve success, while changing the world for good and embracing your true identity in Christ as a major ingredient for success.

Don is the author of three books, “God’s Blueprint for Nations,” “The Blueprint of God” and the international bestselling book “Sell or Don’t Eat.”

I especially liked the reference you gave in your book about the ability of us, human men and women, to influence God and achieve a different outcome in natural circumstances. Share with us the story about Jesus turning the water into wine. I thought that was really insightful…

How can we obtain the promises and inheritance that belongs to us?

You share about people having more than one calling or destiny. Most people are known for “one thing” that they do, run a business, pastor a church, etc. Can you explain how someone can know what their multiple callings are?

People who are thinking of starting a business, what are some of the top topics in blueprints for world class businesses? And how can we apply that, say, staring our own business or growing one we already have?

Don, I could just go on and on and pick your brain for hours. I have really enjoyed this interview. I know we could go a lot deeper on “The Blueprint of God.” I know there are basically seven steps in your blueprint process that will help people to discover their true identity and destiny in Christ. Can you give us all seven and brief explanation of each as we get ready to close? Take as long as you need, but I definitely wanted to get this information in before we close…

Your book, “The Blueprint of God,” how can someone order a copy of this book? Is it on Amazon?

As we get ready to close, if someone has a question or wants to get in touch with you, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, I want to close with a quote from Don’s book. I believe it truly represents everything you have just heard and sums it up pretty succinctly. “Now, you are at the moment that requires action! Do you want to be part of something that changes the world around you for good? Are you ready to find some of the answers the world is crying out for that can only be found IN you?”

Folks, YOU are the answer for someone and for some specific problem in our nation, right now. You know it’s true. And you can actually FEEL that you were built for something greater than you are currently living right now.” Amen!

Go down below into the show notes and order Don’s great book, “The Blueprint of God.” Check out his other books as well. “God’s Blueprint for Nations” and Don’s international best-selling book, “Sell or Don’t Eat!”  I’ll put links to those down below as well.





Book: “The Blueprint of God” – on Amazon

Other Books By Don Long:

Book:  “God’s Blueprint for Nations” – on Amazon

Book:  “Sell or Don’t Eat” – on Amazon

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