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The Coming Government Disclosure About UFO’s – Tom Donnan pt 3

The Coming Government Disclosure About Aliens and UFO’s

Tom Donnan pt 3

Tom Donnan is back as our special guest today. Tom is an evangelist, author, teacher and someone who is on fire for God.  He is gifted in discerning spiritual things that others see only in the natural.

In this episode, we “boldly go where we have not gone before” – and that is to enter a discussion of UFO’s and ET’s – with the soon to be released disclosure by the US Government as to what they know in this area.

Could this add further ridicule and consternation to the already increasing persecution of Christians in this country and around the world?

We do not know the answer to that question. But for the first time, Tom Donnan and I start to look at this perspective and what it could mean.

Are they our “creators” instead of God?

Are they “friend of foe?”

What do they want?

Tom and I do not have the answers. But we do share some insight into what this all could mean as this nation, this culture and this society venture down this path of darkness.

We start off with a discussion of sun spots and somehow, end up in this new area of discussion.

I believe you will find this episode interesting, to say the least…

You were affected on a vacation and experienced the gas shortage. Can you share what happened?

With our infrastructure failing, what else could go wrong? It will not be long, truck drivers will not be able to deliver their cargo. I mean, look at like this:

Drought means not crops.

No crops means we don’t eat.

Higher prices across the board there.

Increase in sun spots causes havoc there, plus shutting down satellite and electronics.

This opens the doors to hackers.

More effort is put on supporting the infrastructure to keep things moving.

But that also means that, in some instances, small details are overlooked, causing big problems for everyone. Look at what happened to that bridge and major highway over the Mississippi River! Did you see that?

I-40 bridge closed after officials discover a crack during routine inspection – YouTube

That not only shut down a major highway for the trucks, but river traffic on the Mississippi River was affected as well.

Over 700 Barge pileup causes huge supply chain breakdown, food to skyrocket! – YouTube

I think it is about time we just pull out our communicator and say, “Beam me up, Scotty!”

What else can go wrong that indicates the Soon Return of Jesus MUST be close?

Wait, you’re saying, really two things here…

There is an increase in UFO sightings and these sightings are impacting our military preparedness level as well?

Pilot says they’ve been seeing them on a REGULAR BASIS! Probable FULL DISCLOSURE in June! Oh my… – YouTube

What Disabled Missiles at Malmstrom Air Force Base? – YouTube

Pastor John Kilpatrick is openly discussing the possibility that UFO’s are showing up because Jesus is about to return?

Garden of Eden, He begins by describing the snake as beyond this world, other world being.

He believes the world will soon see the greatest deception it has ever seen. Because we are closing out the AGE.

  • All signs of Jesus return are in motion
  • You will soon see some of the things he is talking about as he is getting us ahead of the curve.
  • Great deception, the false prophet and the antichrist like no other deception ever.
  • We need to walk closer to God than ever before.
  • Need to get people ready for the soon return of Jesus
  • Great falling away
  • Governments around the world are realizing we cannot control what is happening in the sky’s above us.
  • Globalist believe they maybe extraterrestrial beings
  •  Are they here to usher in peace and prosperity

And our own government is preparing to give validity to these things?

Tom, as usual, we are up against a hard break. It seems like ET is making the clock run faster and faster every time we get together as well. Amen.

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, how can they do that? Give us your contact information.

Folks, well, you heard it. Praise God. We are definitely seeing signs and wonders like never before that all indicate JESUS IS ABOUT TO RETURN! Praise God for that! But, at the same time, as these signs give Hope to a fallen world, the fallen world accelerates its race to flee from anything to do with God and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This should not be a surprise to anyone. The Bible is very clear these are the things that MUST come to pass first. But you do not have to be deceived. Jesus said over and over, “he who has hears to hear – hear!” Amen!

Folks, reach out to Tom Donnan. All his links are in the show notes below. Get in touch, amen!


Tom Donnan


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