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The Fall of America – Dr Richard Ruhling pt 1

The Fall of America

Dr. Richard Ruhling pt 1

With all that is happening in the news right now, it is hard to actually cut through the noise and talk specifics. But one thing that anyone who is spiritually minded must agree on, is all of these things point to something climatic is about to happen.

Between the COVID-19 virus and shutdown to the riots happening all over America; the tensions with Iran, North Korea and Russia to the peace deals in Israel; from the approaching presidential election to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and now the fight to fill the seat or not…it seems as if everything is spinning totally out of control

To discuss these and some other interesting topics with scripture references that will relate to these current events, is our good friend, Dr. Richard Ruhling.

Dr. Ruhling is a board certified Physician of Internal Medicine with a Cardiology Fellowship and has taught Health Science at the Loma Linda University in California. In college, he majored in Chemistry and has written extensive works on the end times.

He recently published a book titled, “The Fall of America: A Survivor’s Manual” which we will be discussing in light of current events today.

Help me welcome back to the program, Dr. Richard Ruhling.  Dr. Ruhling it is good to talk to you again, my friend!

For the sake of those that may be new and did not hear any of prior interviews last year, tell us, “Who is Dr. Richard Ruhling?”

Dr. Ruhling, I want to start with this statement. When you booked your interview for today on September 17th, you wrote, “If something big happens on Friday or Saturday, it could be an omen of more to come because it’s a time of biblical trumpets in Leviticus 23:24.”

That was at 4:30pm ET on Thursday, September 17th you submitted that interview request. Just about 24 hours or so later, an announcement was made that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had passed away.

I want to start with this topic first. Is this the type of BIG event you were spiritually sensing?

Since we talked way back in January, we have had a lot of things going on, in addition to the death of Justice Ginsburg. There has been the COVID-19 pandemic that was unleashed on the world. What is your take on that according to scriptures?

What is the threat to society with the COVID-19  and the vaccine?

You mentioned in your notes to me, something significant happened in the Congress 12 years ago concerning the banking crisis. Is that happening again with another bailout on the horizon?

How does Rosh Hashana tie in with everything we are experiencing in America right now?



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  1. Ron Bruns on 10/15/2020 at 5:19 AM

    Look forward to learn what scripture says

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