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The Fall of America – Dr Richard Ruhling pt 3

The Fall of America

Dr. Richard Ruhling pt 1

With all that is happening in the news right now, it is hard to actually cut through the noise and talk specifics. But one thing that anyone who is spiritually minded must agree on, is all of these things point to something climatic is about to happen.

Between the COVID-19 virus and shutdown to the riots happening all over America; the tensions with Iran, North Korea and Russia to the peace deals in Israel; from the approaching presidential election to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and now the fight to fill the seat or not…it seems as if everything is spinning totally out of control

To discuss these and some other interesting topics with scripture references that will relate to these current events, is our good friend, Dr. Richard Ruhling.

Dr. Ruhling is a board certified Physician of Internal Medicine with a Cardiology Fellowship and has taught Health Science at the Loma Linda University in California. In college, he majored in Chemistry and has written extensive works on the end times.

Talk about the four stages of destabilizing a nation that is in your video on your website…

Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, Normalization

There is also a very relevant video about how Adolf Hitler came to power in Austria by deception, not by force. We see the same processes at work here in the United States. The government pushing for:

Income equality

Higher taxes

Free child care

Food stamps

Guaranteed paychecks from the Government

Rampant socialism

Nationalized media

Nationalizing the banks

Nationalizing the healthcare system

I always ask you to share with us about the wedding parables of Jesus. They always seem to relate significantly to what we see happening. Would you share your insights on the wedding parables with us again?



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