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The Heavenly Church – John Meacham pt 2

The Heavenly Church – John Meacham pt 2

Do you see everything happening in the news from a Biblical perspective?

If not, you should.

We see more and more natural disasters. You hear the phrase, “Thousand year storm” or “Thousand year flood” or “Thousand year drought,” more and more.

Right now, there is a locust plague invading East Africa that is not even being covered by the news. This locust invasion will consume enough crops to feed 1 Billion people in just 30 days time! But it is not covered by the news. Why?

Then, we have the fires in Australia. Not just the fires, but millions and millions of animals lost. And on the coasts, while fires rage internally, the coasts are being ravaged by storms and floods!

Then there is the problems plaguing every single major metropolitan city in the United States! Crime, homelessness, etc. All caused by politicians AND CHURCH LEADERS that have left God and said they know how to handle things better than God does.

ALL of these things are evidence that the “Soon Return of Jesus” is rapidly approaching! And when that day comes, there is no politician alive, there is no Army on earth, that can stop Him! Praise God!

For Christians, this is something we need to look forward to! Not sit back and cry “Woe is me” while seeing everything around us tumble out of control. We need to let everyone around us know that it is time to “Look up! For our redemption is drawing near!”

That is what our good friend, John Meacham has been doing. John has been on our program several times over the last year, sharing how the Lord has charged him to let everyone know that Jesus IS returning soon! If you missed ANY of our previous interviews, they are all available, not just in our archives, but also on John’s website,

In 2005, John was charged and called by Jesus to write “Is Your Church Heavenly?”

The Church (especially in America) has left its “first love.”

John has communicated to over 30,000 pastors and churches in America and NOT ONE has responded to his request to share the Gospel of Jesus Second Coming.

Churches today tend NOT to embrace technological change. They refuse to recognize how to truly “Share the Gospel.” Instead, they focus on “popularity” rather than Jesus!

John talks about his “AIM” program.

We need to strive for Spiritual riches rather than worldly riches.

Let’s make our actions speak louder than our words!

You cannot claim any way to Heaven other than following JESUS!





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