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The New Normal is Hell on Earth – Tom Donnan pt 1

The New Normal is Hell On Earth

Tom Donnan pt 1

BE WARNED!  The content you will hear on this episode will challenge you intellectually and Spiritually! The things discussed in this episode will make you aware of situations all around this world that destroy’s the secular narrative! You will be made aware of a Spiritual Warfare taking place all around you (but denied by those who do not want you to know the Truth)!

SOTT Earth Changes Summary – June 2020: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Rare tornados on higher latitudes

Three fireballs over Porto Rico in 90 minutes,

Flooding worldwide and hail storms

Crop damage is going impact food supply.

Did you see the video of 5 suns visible over the Ivory Coast in Africa? I thought that was cool. I did some research and found that it is called a “sundog” and occurs when hexagonal ice crystals float in the sky, refracting the sun rays and creating a mirage effect.


Swarms of Locusts Are Sweeping India, Brazil, and the World (Now This)

India; Pakistan; windows need to be closed; Planes take extra precautions taking off and landing. They have declared a National Emergency; 10 countries in middle east; Asia; Horn of Africa; NOW IN SOUTH AMERICA IN Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil.


Comet NEOWISE seen from Earth and Space – You can see it too!

once every 7000 years flyby

In ancient times comets were seen as a sign of coming harm, calamity catastrophe.


Will You Be Tracked by ‘Big Brother’ App? – House Bill 6666 Calls for Contact Tracing

This app is very much like the app in China. Ultimately you will not be able to move about unless the app says you can. It is out of bounds with level of virus numbers to date. Scary takes your rights away. If someone passes you with covid and the app alerts them, you are now in the system. Like when you are issued a subpoena, you are trapped in it until it is cleared.

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