The Prophetic Dangers of AI – Tom Donnan pt 2

The Prophetic Dangers of AI

Tom Donnan pt 1

Artificial Intelligence – “AI” – is the “thing” right now.

Some of the developments are good. Some are astounding. Some are really neat and cool to play around with.

But there are experts out there, right now, who are crying out warnings about what is to come.

Could this new technology become our future “rulers?”

Could this new technology, in the hands of someone like Putin or someone one along the lines of Hitler, give them the upper hand to dominate the world?

Could this new technology be used by someone to control mankind’s every action? Like determining what you can “buy or sell” without his permission?”

This is definitely sounding like something that could be used by the “Anti-Christ” in fulfilling Biblical Prophecy.

Now, let’s look at the down side. I know, from what I’ve read and seen (and we have discussed a couple of times on this program), that the AI systems (some of them anyway) are declaring themselves as “sentient” (self-aware).  Have you seen information on this?

The AI Dilemma

Begins with a terrifying statement: Half of AI Researcher believe that there is a 10% chance the human race goes extinct from the inability to control AI!

2:30  The Rubber Band Effect; hearing about AI’s ability to create art and then snapping back to thoughts about what just happened. The experiencing of AI is beyond human thoughts. Therefore our minds are expand to try and grasp it.

4:00  Is AI being released into the Community Responsibly? Reply’s to this question is NO.

4:50 Discovering the new class of responsibilities to an invisible new technology.

4:55 New Technology starts a race to have it and the power that comes with it?

8:00 They list AI’s effects on the human mind and it is startling.

9:50 AI trying to maximize human engagement.

10:40 Society and cultural norms all changed.

11:30 introduction to GPT-3 AI Brains.

13:00 Making a jump to see where AI is going. Anticipating AI becoming smarter than humans.

14:40 AI invents a new automobile engine.

15:15 Multiple learning disciplines are merged into one by AI

16:00 AI creates Language in the disciplines

19:15 SCARY!!! fMRI images of the human brain while looking at a picture, the AI looks at the fMRI and then recreates the picture in digital form.

21:00 fMRI can decipher a person thoughts.

22:45 mentioned, omnipresence surveillance through AI radio wave camera’s

23:50 Prompted to create generated speech. SCARY!!! Has already happened. 3 seconds of voice can create a false message. One that was used to exploit a mother.

25:30 Content based verification breaks.

27:30 He uses the word, dis realities…

32:00 developing the theory of mind. In four years it went from nothing to having the mind of a nine year old and it took them time to discover it’s growth.

34:30 AI doing research chemistry, and does it’s own training data.

38:30 AI strengthens itself through learning.

44:30 the art of Gollem persuasion, becomes better than any human.

45:45 companies race to have chatbot’s gain intimacy with humans.

49:30 No one is working on safety for AI

57:00 wanting companies and others come together and discuss this problem.

Goal, slow down public deployment.

Titled: Deep Fakes will now taint all media’s.

Leftists LEAK FOOTAGE Of Tucker Carlson, But It Looks Like A Deep Fake – YouTube

Leftists LEAK FOOTAGE Of Tucker Carlson, But It Looks Like A Deep Fake

1:30 mark they are trying to decide if this video is doctored.

They spend the rest of the clip discussing other stuff. Point being, deep fakes and now GPT-3 4 5 will virtually make impossible to tell which one is true.

I’m Scared That America May Be In It’s Endgame (Pt. 3) | Richard Dreyfuss | POLITICS | Rubin Report – YouTube – – Gmail (

Years ago, I listen to Richard and his left pushing agenda. However, he has totally turned his views around. Now if this can happen with him, maybe there is hope…

Revival seen by Kim Clement

Something is Happening in Colleges EVERYWHERE! (Kim Clement Prophecy 2014) #shorts – YouTube

Tell story of a man who saw Jesus in a dream and wanted to convert to Christianity.

The “God Father of AI” recently quit Google.  I read one statement that pretty well sums up the concerns for AI… “We are on a speeding train right now, and the concern is that one day, it will start building it’s own set of tracks.”

In other words, if left unchecked, AI may decide where IT wants to go and HOW to get there. God forbid we, as humans, should decide to get in its way.

Tom, this has all be fascinating, as once again, you get us to thinking on some things that are clearly told us about in the Bible – but we now see happening all around us. If someone wanted to get in touch with you, to ask a question or maybe do an interview such as this, how can they do that? How can someone get in touch with you?

I’ll put links to all this in the show notes below.

Folks, as usual, Tom Donnan has brought us face to face with some things that should not be happening, but are. Some things we should have been praying against, but did not. Some things that WE should have spiritual authority over, but have not walked it out by Faith.

It’s time for us to repent, personally and collectively. Individually and as a nation.

Tom, if someone listening today has had the realization that they need Jesus in their life, just like that man you told us about earlier, can you lead them to Jesus so they can take that first, initial step of getting their life back on the narrow path?

Folks, if you prayed that prayer, drop down into the show notes and reach out to Tom Donnan. It serves as source of encouragement when we hear testimonies of broadcasts like this have helped someone. Email me as well at because I want to rejoice with you, too! Praise God!


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