The River – Betty Rodgers-Kulich pt 1

The River

Betty Rodgers-Kulich pt 1

If you’ve been listening to this program for any length of time, you know I’m an avid reader. That is one reason I enjoy interviewing authors. Amen!  Well, fasten your seat belts because today, we have the blessed pleasure of interviewing Betty Rodgers-Kulich about her award winning book, “The River.”

“The River: A Spiritually Transforming Journey” is book one of what is now becoming a trilogy. Betty describes this book as a cross between “The Shack” and a modern day “Pilgrim’s Progress” type of book!” Amen!  We’ll find out more about that in a minute…

This book won the 2021 Christian Indie Publisher Award and is great book that has now become book one of a trilogy in the making! Praise God!

Betty is an ordained minister and serves as an Associate Pastor, along with her husband Rick of 47 years, at the Redeemer’s Church in Columbus, Ohio. She has been teaching and preaching since 2003. Betty also serves as a Women’s Conference Director for Harvest Preparation International Ministries (HPIM.ORG), a non-profit Biblical ministry that trains and impacts leaders globally. She travels internationally doing women’s conferences, teaching, developing and mentoring other women. Prior to being in ministry full time, Betty was a high school teacher for 30 years and holds a Master’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and Early Childhood Development.

She is also an “Advanced Writers & Speakers Association” certified speaker! AMEN!

First question I always ask is this. Other than that brief information which I just shared, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Betty Rodgers-Kulich?

Now, why did you write this book “The River,” to begin with? What motivated you to write this type of book?

How long did it take you to write this book?

Explain for us this, “Cross between “The Shack” and a modern day “Pilgrim’s Progress” type of book.” What does that mean?

You also developed a work book to go with this book, correct?

How is the work book used in conjunction with a fictional book?

When did you decide to make “The River” into a trilogy, with this as book one?

What is the theme behind the trilogy?

Folks, this book is one that you will not put down when you begin to read it. Betty Rodgers-Kulich has crafted this book under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and it will hold you until you finish… Then you’re going to going on line and looking for book two and wondering why it’s not released yet! Praise God!

And, at the time of this recording, Christmas is just around the corner!  You should definitely invest in purchasing this book for yourself and, if I may hint a little bit, possibly get two or three copies for friends that you know will enjoy this book also. Amen!





Book:  “The River: A Spiritually Transforming Journey” – on Amazon

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