The Story of Rachel’s Song – Dave Combs pt 3

The Story of Rachel’s Song

Dave Combs pt 3

Dave Combs is the composer of a famous song that  has been played at weddings, in hospitals, on numerous radio stations and by millions of people just to relax with. That song is, “Rachel’s Song.” Dave has released four albums of hymns and has been transcribed for piano solos and used in churches across America for offertories, preludes and special music in church services.

He has seven albums or original compositions that have been described as “Christian Music” even though there are no words with the music!  He is also the author of the best-selling book, “Touched By The Music.” Praise God!

This is part three (and conclusion) of a great three part interview!

Many of your listeners describe your music as ministering to them. Why do you think your music is described as “Christian music,” even though there are no lyrics with the music?

Tell us about your book, “Touched by the Music.” Why did you write this book at this point in your career?

I just have to ask you about this next part. Tell us about the “James Bond” movie you were asked to submit your music for…

Dave, this is all so interesting. How can someone get ahold of your music? Where can they order it or download it?

And your book, how can they order that? Is it on Amazon?

Folks, even King David knew the benefits of music. Many of the Psalms were originally written as music, way before they were included in the Bible.

You need to order your own collection of Dave Combs music for you own benefit. How many times have you gotten in the car leaving work after a stressful day and just turned the radio off because it was just not ministering to you in the mood you were in. Hard rock, rap or talk radio with updates on the traffic jams and all of that…

How much would it benefit you to just click on one or more of Dave’s songs as you took your ride home. After 20, 30 or 40 minutes of listening to his music, you’ll get out of your care walking on air. Glory to God!

Drop down into the show notes and order one or more of his albums right now, while you are thinking about it. Don’t let the devil talk you out of doing this right now. Amen! The links are right there, Dave’s music is right on the other side of those links. Let the power of music through the Holy Spirit minister to you in just a few minutes after clicking the links below.

And be sure to order Dave Combs book, “Touched by the Music.” You will be “touched” by the contents of this book. I guarantee it. Amen!





Book: “Touched By The Music” – on Amazon

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