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Third Level Birth Pangs – Tom Donnan pt 1

Third Levels Birth Pangs

Tom Donnan pt 1

Tom Donnan is back as our special guest today. Tom is an evangelist, author, teacher and someone who is on fire for God.  He is gifted in discerning spiritual things that others see only in the natural. I look forward to our times together each month as Tom shares from the spiritual perspective about things happening all around us, in the news and in our lives.

If you are familiar with our conversations, I always have to say this disclaimer up front. We may have an outline of some topics to talk about, but the Holy Spirit guides the conversations. That means we never know what kind of rabbit trails we will be led down today. Praise God!

We’ve talked many times, over the past couple of years, that every aspect of society is spiraling out of control. Not only because of the pandemic, but nature itself is wreaking havoc on society. Then there are the financial hits we’ve taken. Add in the increases in technology that intrude into people’s lives (as we’ve discussed before). I do not believe it is a coincidence that all of these things are converging, it seems, at one point in time.

The Bible clearly says this convergence will take place at the time of the end. What we call the “soon return of Jesus.” Praise God!  Jesus mentioned over and over that the end times would be like a woman in travail and about to give birth.

How do you see these things in relation to what I just shared? About the convergence of things happening right now?

The Third Level Birth Pangs Are Here | Perry Stone – YouTube

Have you been following information on this asteroid, “Apophis” and all that Tom Horn has said that it could be the possible ramifications of this “near earth object?”

The European Space Agency, I believe, has developed a new super telescope and integrated existing telescopes around the world to be on constant surveillance of asteroids approaching the earth. Have you seen anything about this?

New ESO Telescope:

Brief Trailer by Tom Horn discussing this subject:

Speaking of developing technology, did you see the first ever helicopter flight on the planet Mars?

See Ingenuity fly off camera and back in amazing 3rd Mars flight video – YouTube

But seriously, our technological ability has been growing exponentially.  What do you think about all of this?

Speaking of technological advances, did you see the one about some guy flying around NYC on a drone?

Man Flies On Drone in NewYork Streets Today( The Future Is Here) – YouTube

Folks, I cannot recommend Tom Donnan’s book enough. Each one of them is a great read (and I’ve read all of them)! Go down into the show notes, click the links and purchase your copies today!


Tom Donnan


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Healing the Nation

Spiritual House Cleaning

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