Today Will Echo Through Eternity – Eric Dunavant pt 1

Today Will Echo Through Eternity

Eric Dunavant pt 1

You only have one life to live. You want it to be the best you can be, of course. You want to leave a living legacy to your children and grandchildren. You want to leave them with memories of joy and happiness, of course. But, although your life may seem happy enough, what is that nagging feeling that something is missing? What can you do about that?

Well, my guest today is going to discuss those exact topics. In this interview today, you are going to find out how to increase you ROI. Not “return on investment,” but a “Return on Intention.” Amen!

Eric Dunavant is the president and CEO of an organization called “PARADIEM” (paradeeum). Since 2007, under Eric’s leadership, Paradiem has been empowering families and businesses to live a better story by being more intentional in what they are doing. Eric has been helping people, families and businesses to discover “Greatness, Growth, Governance and Generosity and how to impact Today, Tomorrow and Eternity.” Praise God!

Before Paradiem, Eric was a Vice President for Charles Schwab and helped to build the New Orleans private client office to the top national office in 2006. Before that, he was an associate with Fidelity Investments in charge of the management of money market mutual funds. Eric is a Certified Financial Planner, a “Qualified Kingdom Advisor” and affiliated with the “Financial Planning Association.” Eric and his wife, Angel, founded “To All with Love” – a Faith based nonprofit dedicated to sharing the joy of service with others and impacting their local community in Central American villages and also in US neighborhoods. He, his wife and their three children reside down in Covington, LA…

Help me welcome to the program, Eric Dunavant!

Other than that brief bit of information I just shared, can you tell us, in your own words, “Who is Eric Dunavant?”

Tell us why you formed Pardiem?

What does Pardiem mean and why that name for your business?

Folks, the information Eric has shared with us today is vital to your future, your legacy, not even talking about your present. It will definitely impact that as well. Get in touch with Eric Dunavant at the links below. Ask for your FAMILY IMPACT KIT! Check out their website, their services. This is something every person – every Christian – needs to get a handle on. I especially want to reinforce the phrase that jumped out at me, that is “Today echoes through eternity.”

Don’t waste another day. What you do today WILL impact your future.





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