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Truth and Lies About Gun Control – Christine Smith pt 2

Truth and Lies About Gun Control – Christine Smith pt 1

This program is produced to bring you the Truth. The Truth as it pertains to God’s Word. The Truth in the face of adversity. The Truth in the face of opposition. The Truth even when it is not welcomed. The Truth cannot be a lie. The Truth is of God and all lies are of the devil.

That being said, there is a rampant evil in this nation right now. An evil that is trying to twist the Truth into a lie. An evil that despises the Christian-Judeo form of society that our Founding Fathers established. The Bible has been the basis of this nation since the Pilgrims established the Mayflower Compact prior to disembarking onto the shores of Plymouth, Mass.

Recently, there two horrific mass murders committed by evil inspired people. One in El Paso, Texas and one Dayton, Ohio.  As can be expected, the liberal media has turned these to tragic events into political turmoil in an effort to promote their anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-gun and anti-Trump agenda.

In an effort to bring clarity to this situation and to promote the TRUTH, not a slanted pro “this or that” agenda, I want to dedicate this program to THE TRUTH.  Jesus said, “You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.”  Freedom. The Freedom our Founding Fathers instilled in the Founding Documents of this nation. Our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.

Christine Smith is our guest today will help me to discuss, not only these events, but other things that the demonic forces are doing to try and destroy this nation and our Christian heritage.

Christine has written an article titled, “Why This Christian Supports Gun Freedom”– I’ll have a link to the article in my show notes and encourage you to read it in its entirety. But I wanted to talk with Christine about this article, her position on the shootings and her take on what is truly undergirding the evil we see in America today.

Christine Smith is a Christian political commentator, writer, author and speaker. Her articles have been published in hundreds of publications and she has appeared on numerous talk shows due to her Christian beliefs and her Constitutional approach to domestic and foreign policy.  You can read all of her articles and blog posts, see and hear some of her interviews and more, on her website at www.ChristineSmith.US

In the last day or so (at the time of this recording), there was another mass murder, I think four people, that were stabbed in LA. I made a Facebook post, not mocking it, but mocking the anti-gun lobby, saying the reason it happened is because there were too many knives allowed in this country and that something needed to be done. I know it was absurd to think about, but there was a time when that same thought process for guns was thought to be absurd.  What will it take for us to put a stop to this madness called “gun control?”

Congressman Tom Massie, a Republican representative from Kentucky, made a very truthful and valid point to rebuff critics that call for limits on the amount of ammunition one should be able to possess. He said, “Some have asked ‘who needs 100 rounds?’ If six brave, trained and alert police officers with professionally maintained weapons (and I might add, continuous fire arms proficiency training – based upon my law enforcement background) fired 58 rounds to subdue the Dayton shooter, I’d say my wife deserves at least that many chances to protect herself and my kids when I’m not home.”  He then went on to say, “Based on the recovered shell casings, the police chief said the killer fired 41 rounds before the police officers responded, shooting 58 rounds at him near the entrance to a Dayton night club.”

I know there is a push to limit ANYTHING that seems excessive concerning gun control. Magazine capacity is one of them. Police officers usually carry 15 rounds in a magazine. This means each officer fired approximately 10 shots. Professional, highly trained officers needed 10 shots each at a distance of probably less than 25 yards in order to neutralize a threat.

If the liberals can get just a basic agreement to limit magazine capacity, some people may argue, “Let’s just give in on that one thing.”  But, just like the gay rights movement, at first they wanted to be able to come out of the closet without losing their jobs. Then they wanted to be able to have access to their lover while dying in the hospital of aids. That progressed to common law marriage recognition. Then to companies being required to provide mandatory health benefits…they just fight for ONE step.

The old adage, give them an inch and they will take a mile describes that perfectly. And we can see the same thing happening with gun control.

Some advocate, if someone is diagnosed with a mental disorder, they should have their guns confiscated.  Then the question is, “Who is the one who determines someone has a mental disorder?” 

I can guarantee you, if we were to allow a liberal to define “mental disorder,” it would quickly spiral to “anyone who does not support what liberals stand for MUST have a mental disorder.” We can see that happening in society right now!

The socialist left, in this nation, has succeeded in taking control of the Democrat Party. The communist plan from the 1960’s to destroy this nation from within is on the verge of success.  The people with the mental disorders are the leftist ideological idiots running the Democrat Party.  But they are free to promote Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and any other radical’s – because they hide behind their gated community walls and have ARMED body guards protecting them. I think any politician who believes in gun control should have their rights for Secret Service and police protection revoked. I wonder how that would go over in Congress?

There is no doubt, this nation has been given a brief reprieve from God. We are ripe for Divine Judgment to be poured out on this nation. We have no leg to stand on before Him to plead innocence. It is ONLY by God’s Mercy that we have not been destroyed.

I believe that Donald Trump was God’s saving grace, temporarily, for this nation. I know some have called him a type of “Cyrus.” But the TRUTH – which we have been talking about – is that Donald Trump has been called by God to expose the corruption in this nation. And he had done just that. How do you see the 2020 election being played out? I’m putting you on the spot here…

I believe it will be up to CHRISTIAN’s in this nation to rise up in rebellion. Rise up at the ballot boxes and vote OUT each and every politician that does not stand up for Biblical morality. Period. Any deviance from Biblical Morality will result in the forces of evil continuing to take, inch by inch, the liberty which we have enjoyed.

Unfortunately, the Christians are the ones allowing this evil to continue to grow. Their lack of speaking out against immorality has what allowed this small cancer to grow to a stage four epidemic that needs radical surgery to remove it – and that may be too late to save the life of this country!  What do you think it will take for the Christian pastors to “wake up” and take their rightful place in the pulpits? In the Revolutionary War, the pastors were leaders in the Continental Army!

Did you see the article on the Senate hearing about the influence of Google, Facebook, etc. that will be in play to influence the 2020 election on a scale that has never been seen before?

It is not the desires of the ONE that matter in this nation. The left has propagated that lie. They have made the 99% cave to the whims, desires and evil beliefs of the 1%. It does not matter whether you believe the way they believe. It does not matter if you abhor the things they do to each other or want to do in the name of “their choice.” It does not matter if you “allow them” to do those things. What they want is for you to EMBRACE their psychosis and promote it as being normal. Only then will they feel they have won.

Christine, we are all out of time. I wish we could continue…but you and I both know, that we could continue to talk about these subjects for hours and hours. That’s what happens with “like minded believers.” Amen. Will you come back on again sometime?

If someone wanted to reach out to you, ask a question, do an interview such as this or read your blogs and articles, how they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, there is nothing else to say that Christine has not already emphasized. We, the TRUE CHRISTIANS in this nation, need to vote. The time for voting for the continued broken promises and lies of the Demonic Party should be over. The time for the Revolution has arrived. We have been given a brief reprieve by God Himself. We should be, as a nation, be destroyed. We deserve everything that is happening that is wrong in this nation. Everything. We are owed NOTHING by God. He gave us the greatest nation this planet has ever seen. And we squandered it to almost a third world status.

Only by God’s Grace and His Mercy…only by His direct intervention in the 2016 election, where we were supposed to coronate Hillary, the Liberal Queen, but instead, God Divinely intervened to give us one last chance to repent and move back towards Him – only because of His Graciousness, are we even able to OPE for the future right now.

It is up to you, to me and to every born again believer, to put aside your personal agendas of “what’s in it for me?” and to vote for the Bible. To vote for Godly values. To vote for Godly Morals. Only if you do that, we will even have anything close to nation by the time 2024 roles around. 2020 is coming. It is a cross-roads for America. If you fail to take the correct path – all is lost. It’s as simple as that.

Christine, thank you so much for coming on the program today…

Go to the show notes below and get in touch with Christine. Subscribe to her blog. Send her some financial support so she can continue to “Get the Word Out!”

For Christine Smith and myself, this is Pastor Bob reminding you, BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!




Article: “Why This Christian Supports Gun Control”

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