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Ministry of Unfailing Grace – Julie Carrick pt 1

Ministry of Unfailing Grace

Julie Carrick pt 1

We have a very special guest for you today. She has ministered all over the world and is Internationally known for her music and her speaking engagements. Julie Carrick is one of the most effective speakers and artists in the Catholic Church today. She brings a passionate message of faith, hope, and love masterfully woven together through her music and personal witness about living the faith. A veteran singer and composer, She has been featured at countless local, national and international events. As a Radio host heard on stations across the U.S., she boldly shares her faith at every opportunity. With 15 awe-inspiring recordings, her music shares the emotional element that takes the message of God’s love from the head to the heart. She has over 25 years of ministry experience and is the co-founder of the Carrick Ministries Foundation and she is here with us today… Help me welcome to the program, Julie Carrick!

First question, other than that brief information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Julie Carrick?”

You definitely have a calling for music (unlike me, when everyone knows music IS NOT my calling)…How did you get started in the music ministry?

You are from Michigan originally. Where at in Michigan?

How has the Lord used your music to open doors to share your Faith around the world?

You sang for our troops recovering from the war in Iraq. What was that experience like?

When you minister, you try to use real life stories to make the point that being a Christian does not mean we will never have any more trials. How are you able to weave these stories into the points you are making from scriptures?

You’ve had some things happen in your life that many people would not know how to handle. You had a daughter that was raped and became pregnant from the rape. How did your Faith help you – and her – through that ordeal?

One of your talks is “What it means to be truly pro-life.”  In light of the climate of cancel culture and “everything evil is good” that our nation seems to be running towards right now, how has this message impacted those that hear it?

I urge you to reach out to Julie Carrick. Email her, visit her website. Order her book – most definitely, you need to order her music! Praise God!  Music is one of the most powerful spiritual forces in the world. Why do you think the devil tries to keep control of the music industry?

Go down into the show notes and get in touch with Julie. Be sure to order her new book, “Unfailing Grace.”




CD’s Of Julie Carrick Music (her website store)


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