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Virtue, Liberty and Nationalism – Christine Smith pt 1

Virtue, Liberty, and Nationalism– Christine Smith pt 1


If you watch any of the major news networks, especially the liberal dominated media, the only thing you will hear is everything that is wrong (in their little, deceived minds anyway) with this country. The only solutions they provide is to destroy our heritage. Destroy our history. Destroy our morality. Destroy our time honored institutions. Destroy our ability to have honest, open discussions on areas where we may disagree. Destroy our Constitutional rights. Oh, yes – let’s not forget – Destroy our Christian Foundation and topple our form of government.

I think that pretty much sums of everything we see being spewed on the liberal dominated television programs and news channels.

But, there is a voice that has been speaking out the Truth. A voice that has been very adamant of how God has anointed a man to speak Truth in the face of hostile adversity. A voice that uses her writing and speaking abilities to advocate for Christian foundation and heritage of America. A voice that is sharing with everyone who will listen how President Donald Trump is God’s answer the America’s problems.

Christine Smith is a Christian political commentator, writer, author and speaker. Her articles have been published in hundreds of publications and she has appeared on numerous talk shows due to her Christian beliefs and her Constitutional approach to domestic and foreign policy.  You can read all of her articles and blog posts, see and hear some of her interviews and more, on her website at www.ChristineSmith.US

Help me welcome to the program, Christine Smith!  Christine, thank you for coming back on the show today!

You’ve been on the program before…and we were scheduled to do an interview back in January or February of this year. But Colorado was hit by a huge winter storm and we had to push it off to another time.  And now – here you are!  Praise God!

Christine, for the benefit of those that may not have heard your prior interviews, and other than that brief bio I just read, let me start with this question first. In your own words, tell us, “Who is Christine Smith?”

Christine, you recently published an article titled, “Virtue and Liberty.”  In that article, you stated, “Virtue is a prerequisite of liberty.” That is an interesting concept. What do you mean by that?

You have a very valid point, as outlined in your article, that many people today remain silent in regards to the immorality that is being pushed on them by the liberal, socialist, anti-Christian lawmakers and the minority of people in this nation that cling to their anti-morality stands. Why are Christian people – and I believe this begins in the church – why are Christian people so timid when it comes to standing up and speaking out against this evil?

And this really started with the Supreme Court taking the 10 Commandments and then Prayer out of school in the early 1960’s. Pastors should have mobilized back then – but remained silent. This allowed the minority to influence the majority into accepting their belief systems.

Mario Murillo had a post that describes this and it referenced John 11 and the story of Lazarus. The point was the response of the Jewish leaders, “…the Romans will come and take away our place and our nation.” That opened my eyes to the situation in Washington, DC. They are more concerned about “their place” and holding power, than the nation.

If someone wanted to reach out to you, ask a question, invite you to come speak or even do an interview such as this, how can they get in touch with you?

I will put links to all of that in the show notes.

Folks, I highly encourage you to go to Christine’s website, www.christinesmith.usand read some of the interesting articles there. Listen to her interviews. And subscribe to her blog. As you heard, she is awesome! Amen!




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