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Virtue, Liberty and Nationalism – Christine Smith pt 2

Virtue, Liberty, and Nationalism– Christine Smith pt 1


If you watch any of the major news networks, especially the liberal dominated media, the only thing you will hear is everything that is wrong (in their little, deceived minds anyway) with this country. The only solutions they provide is to destroy our heritage. Destroy our history. Destroy our morality. Destroy our time honored institutions. Destroy our ability to have honest, open discussions on areas where we may disagree. Destroy our Constitutional rights. Oh, yes – let’s not forget – Destroy our Christian Foundation and topple our form of government.

I think that pretty much sums of everything we see being spewed on the liberal dominated television programs and news channels.

But, there is a voice that has been speaking out the Truth. A voice that has been very adamant of how God has anointed a man to speak Truth in the face of hostile adversity. A voice that uses her writing and speaking abilities to advocate for Christian foundation and heritage of America. A voice that is sharing with everyone who will listen how President Donald Trump is God’s answer the America’s problems.

Christine Smith is a Christian political commentator, writer, author and speaker. Her articles have been published in hundreds of publications and she has appeared on numerous talk shows due to her Christian beliefs and her Constitutional approach to domestic and foreign policy.  You can read all of her articles and blog posts, see and hear some of her interviews and more, on her website at www.ChristineSmith.US

The true problem lies in the powers that be in Washington, DC. Instead of the people running the government, it has turned into the government running the people. What is your thoughts on that?

I think we can see Ephesians 6 in force right now in DC. You can even see the demons in the eyes of some of the politicians.

Throughout the Bible, we see God declaring and establishing borders. He did it in the Garden of Eden and for the nation of Israel and others. So we see God actually embracing a form of “nationalism.” That has been labeled as “racist” and all sorts of different things by those who have been promoting, practicing and forcing their standard of immorality on the rest of us. Could you define for us what the difference is between “nationalism” and “patriotism” and why you believe Christians should embrace both?

Oh, but we hear that most of the Founding Fathers were Deists or Atheists. But that could not be farther from the Truth. If taken as a whole, their writings prove they had a unique view of God. Many of them had to memorize the Bible as children. Many of them included references to scripture, numerous scriptures, in their writings and documents.

Concerning slavery being allowed in this nation, the Constitutional Convention almost failed because of slavery. But the Constitution was approved because of an agreement to allow each state to make its own decision on that issue – with the understanding that Congress would take up the issue in future and come to a workable solution. That is why 80 some year we had the Civil War.

Now, we hear about Slave Reparations.  That goes back to the Marxist agenda influencing this nation.





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