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Weather Disasters-Space and the End Times – Tom Donnan pt 1

Weather Disasters, Space and The End Times – Tom Donnan pt 1

Tom Donnan had an encounter with God when he died in an ambulance after a “widow maker” heart attack. He had an encounter with God & then he was back! He has been fulfilling that calling ever since. In this series of interviews, we discuss many events happening right now that are possible indications of “The End Times.”

Let’s talk about some of the weather related phenomenon that has been happening this spring, in 2019. We have had some weird weather going on.

Now, tornados are nothing new to the central United States. It kind of goes without saying, in the spring time, there will be large storms as the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico collides with the cold fronts still dipping south from Canada.

But there have been numerous tornados in the month of May. There were what, 12 days straight of tornados? Some reports have it more than 500 reports of tornados!  500!  Now, some of them may be the same storms. But the point is, that is a huge outbreak!

Several people died, hundreds hurt and thousands lost homes and other things. And, it is not just the tornados. There are huge hail storms that accompany many of these storms. Hail is generated when the spin tosses the hail out.  Most of the time, the hail is generated as rain that cannot fall. The upper winds carry it up into the atmosphere until gravity finally takes over, then it falls back into the storm. By that time, it is super cooled and it gathers more water that freezes to itself, enlarging the hail storm. Once it falls into the warm air, that is trapped above the cold air on the ground, it melts.

Usually, it will be enough to melt the hail back into rain before it hits the ground. But in some instances, it is large enough that it will still fall to earth before it melts – which gives you hail.

But in tornado’s, it is also dealing with centrifugal force. Which means as it is high up, it gets slung out…and that results in larger than normal hail. Which can cause serious damage and injuries.

Do you see this as “Global Warming,” “Global Cooling” or just natural occurrences?  Or signs of increasing judgment like described in Matthew 24 and elsewhere?

Let’s continue our discussion of weather related things and talk about the massive flooding in the Mid-West as well. These storms did not just generate tornados, but dumped massive amounts of rain with the storms. In the northern areas, the ground was still frozen or still had snow cover. These storms dumped all of that rain in those areas and it could not be absorbed into the ground. This caused massive flooding locally.

Then, the run off entered the streams which flowed into the rivers and ultimately ended up in the tributaries feeding the mighty Mississippi River, flooding those areas and also the Mississippi River Valley area.

This has caused massive flooding of crop lands, loss of livestock, etc.  In some cases, there are suggested reports that up to 58% of the crops have not even been planted this year!  This is bad news, not just for the farmers – but for the rest of us the purchase and consumer this agricultural commodities. Not even counting the ranchers who need the feed for their livestock living in areas all around the country.

St louis Mississippi river flooding

Flooding in Missouri submerges houses, farmland

Fort Gibson farmer loses almost all his crops to flooding

For farmers, record flooding and a wet spring mean many fields can’t be planted

futures on corn Midwest farmers devastated by flooding

58% of crop planting have not happened; Agricultural prices rise as heavy floods hit the Midwest

Come back tomorrow as we conclude our two part interview with Tom Donnan!




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