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What In The World Is God Doing? – Tom Donnan

What in the World is God Doing?

Tom Donnan

Missing in our society is a family foundation.

My deceased parents , flawed and not perfect, build a strong foundation for us siblings.

  1. Recent funeral in Texas made it all clear.
  • During Chaos, troubling times, support of family is vital.
  1. Foundation upon Jesus Christ is also vital in our day to survive.
  2. Knowing God is with you, know family is near you provides strength to hold on.


  1. Covid 19
  2. Locust
  3. Financial people out of work

God is shaking the world

  1. His Holy Spirit is on the move/the plagues take, the Holy Spirit releases
  2. Salvations are taking place around the world, technology is helping
  3. People are experiencing the His Supernatural gifts
  4. People wanting to live a life pleasing to God and hungry to grow spiritually.
  5. The World is starving for spiritual food and thirsty for spiritual life.

Chaos and Drama due to living outside of God’s ways and guidelines.

Everyone goes their own way and when it is falling apart blame God.

The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence (but by, then it is too late).

All things are going to work out for good.

The virus will taper off in the third wave

The Holy Spirit will release waves over the world bringing in a great harvest

We are entering a time of world evangelism Matthew 24:14

New spiritual hotspot, Sheridan Wy.

We are in a time of reprieve

Repentance is needed on a huge scale

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