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Who We Are – Jake Doberenz pt 1

Who We Are

Jake Doberenz pt 1

Jake Doberenz is a writer, speaker, minister and creative thinker living in Oklahoma City. He is the founder of “Theophany Media,” which is a Christian media company like no other. He writes fiction and non-fiction in a variety of ways including poetry, short stories, books, screenplays, stage plays, academic essays and also devotionals. He creates content for groups that range from young kids to adults. But his favorite topics are those that help people to better understand the Bible, grow spiritually and help them with their Christian identity. His most recent work is the book “Who We Are,” which we will be discussing today. But I also want to make a point that he is the co-host of a great podcast called, “The Bible – But Funnier!” This is a great podcast…So I’ll be talking a bit about that as well… Praise God!

Help me welcome to the program, Jake Doberenz!  Jake, thank you for coming on the program today.

The first question I always start with is this. Other than that brief information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Jake Doberenz?”

You obviously have a passion for entertaining, but yet educating, people about Faith in God. When did you realize you had a knack for using humor to get your points across?

Can you tell us why you formed “Theophany Media?”

You’ve won a few awards for screenplays these last few years. Even winning first place in the Oklahoma Christian University’s Faith Based Play Festival in 2019.

When did you begin to write screenplays?

Does writing screenplays come easy for you?

Is it difficult to write a screenplay with the audio and visualizing the characters within the confines of the stage, the backdrops, etc.?

Your latest book, “Who We Are,” is about to be released, literally, about the time of this recording. Tell us what this book is about…

Who is the intended audience or readers for your book?

How long has it taken you to write this book?

You talk about the “Seven Identities” that Christians may adopt but that are not really “Christian-honoring” in their foundation. Can you explain what you mean and share these seven identities with us?

Identity in Sin.

Identity in Success

Identity in Your Past

Identity in Happiness

Identity in Family

Identity in Sexual Freedom

Identity in Groups

All of these identities are not totally sinful in nature, right?

Why is it important for Christians to think about their identity?

Folks, you need to get his new book, just being released, “Who We Are.” Click the link down below and get this great book. And go to his website, take a look around and be sure to  subscribe to his podcast, “The Bible – But Funnier.” IT IS GREAT! Come back for the next episode as we will be concluding this great, two part interview, with Jake Doberenz.





Book:  “Who We Are,” by Jake Doberenz

Podcast: “The Bible – But Funnier”

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