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Young Smart Money – Apple Crider pt 2

Young Smart Money

Apple Crider pt 2

Sometimes, you have to admit, you can be your own worst enemy when it comes to business and financial success.

You can do all the right things, but if you do not have someone who can show you or talk you through the proper processes, you struggle. You try to figure it out on your own. One piece of advice I can give you – STOP!

My guest today has a unique name that will resonate with you and I know you will remember long after this podcast episode ends. Apple Crider hails from the great state of Minnesota. He has built a successful business model by helping other people be successful.

Apple is the co-founder of Podblade, which helps podcasters do what they do best – RECORD EPISODES!  You then send the files to Podblade and they will handle the editing, show notes, etc., including audiograms, YouTube files, etc. His mission is to empower 100,000 young people to live a life that makes them feel fulfilled and excited each and every day.

In addition, Apple Crider has been listed as a top 100 podcaster with his business podcast “Young Smart Money.” He has interviewed highly successful 6, 7 and even 8 figure online entrepreneurs, sharing their stories of success. He also shares this information with high school and college students emphasizing that they do not have to settle for the normal 9-5 way of life.

After building two successful social media businesses, he realized there was a needful mix of social media and start up success. Not one or the other. But a combination of both!

The information he is about to share with us will benefit you, regardless of your age or education. Regardless if you are trying to grow your church, ministry or business.

Now, when did you decide you didn’t want to work the normal 9-5 grind and what drove you to doing what you do today?

Your podcast, “Young Smart Money” has been highly successful. Rated in the top 100 business podcasts, that’s awesome! How long did it take you to achieve that ranking?

What is the difference between a social media business and an “real business?”

Is there a difference between social media business and an “online business?”

All three of those rely, in today’s culture, on social media for promotions and awareness, correct?

Tell me more about Podblade. When did you realize you had the skills, ability and the desire to start this business, and why?

Your co-founder, Rom Raviv, how did you two meet?

Let’s talk about the major problem most podcasters have. TIME.

I know my days are booked out. I mean there is the interview research, answering emails, preparing for the interviews and then conducting the interviews. Then, I also have the online radio station, “Evangelism Radio.”  So I also have the emails about that. Plus scheduling, edits, loading servers, etc. Add in the podcast training program I have. Then editing the podcast interviews and loading those to the host platform, promotions, etc. I’m tired just talking about that…man!

I know most people do not do the things I do. But they all have their unique “busy” schedules. I know many podcasters who have full time jobs and then do the podcasting as well. My good friend, Sean Douglas, is active duty Air Force and all of the responsibilities that entails, plus he is conference speaker AND he has his radio program or podcast.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is, everyone is busy. So how do you and your team at Podblade help people like me and others that I just described?

I was blessed to be included in an article your wrote called “43 Podcasters Speak Out: What’s One Thing You Wish You Knew Before Starting a Podcast.”

My section in that article was about creating systems – and using them – to grow your podcast. It took me, probably 2+ years to figure out how to use social media effectively in this area. I spent most of my time on the creating and editing phase and then just “put a post out there.”

Do you see this a lot in the people you help?

I listened to one of your podcast episodes about bootstrapping a startup. How can someone who is just starting out, I mean you were what, 19 years old when you started? How can someone who is just starting out have the ability to do that?

Should someone have a podcast IF they wanted to start or grow a business?  Either online, social media or traditional?

I have a lot of Christian listeners, as well as church leaders, etc. I know their time is extremely taxed. Your company and your services would benefit them immensely, saving them that most precious commodity, TIME. Correct?

What advice can you give to someone who has been thinking about starting a podcast but they are not really sure if anybody will listen to what they have to say?

Apple, if someone wanted to ask you a question, get more information or maybe even ask you to do an interview such as this, how can they get in touch with you?

Folks, I love talking to people who are successful and want to share with you how YOU can become successful as well. There are many people out there who only want to share a few tips with you. They don’t really want you to learn all the steps, because they fear the competition. Apple Crider, I’m sure you have figured out by now, is not like that.

He is here to help YOU achieve your dreams and goals. Business related, podcast related, online and social media related. He not only has accomplished more in just a few years than most people would do in a lifetime, he is helping others to achieve the same!

If you have a podcast, you need to go over and listen to his podcast “Young Smart Money.” You also need to check out his company, “” and see how he can help you to grow your podcast by taking some of the work off your plate. You cannot afford to do it all on your own and learn as you go. Use the experts. Contact Apple Crider today by going down below in the show notes and clicking the link.






Article on “What One Thing You Wish You Knew Before Starting A Podcast” (with a section by Bob Thibodeau).

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