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The Failure of the American Church

The Failure of the American Church

As I pen this article, today is January 1, 2019.

I have been praying about starting this blog for quite sometime. Almost all of 2018 I have thought about, prayed about and pondered the start of this series.  But I never felt the “release” to actually start.

Until now.

About a week or so ago, during my weekly live radio program on “Evangelism Radio” (, my presentation left the normal outline I had created for the Bible teaching – and the Holy Spirit led me down a path that I had not expected. I started to talk about the American Church.

Specifically, the FAILURE of the American Church!  More specifically, how the apathetic American Church has FAILED its mission of representing Jesus Christ and standing up against immorality in this nation

For the last 50+ years in this country, the American Church has remained mostly silent in standing up for Biblical Morality against the tyranny and immorality being shoved down the throats of Americans. The will of the minority has replaced the will of the people. The will of the few has more power than the will of the majority.

I seen a statistic awhile back that said less than 0.6% of Americans identify as “transgender.” Yet, despite the overwhelming majority of Americans who think this mental disorder is wrong, left leaning liberal politicians have forced “acceptance” upon all of America – even when it counters their Christian beliefs!

If a conservative politician promoted legislation that would prohibit daily prayers for all faiths – the left would be embolden to take the plight of the Islamists claiming that violated their tenants of faith to pray several times per day. Some would add the violation of Christian faith as well – but for the most part – it would be the “anti-Christian” faiths that would be used to make the “mean conservatives” recant their efforts.

But yet, when immoral, anti-God, anti-Bible and anti-Christian laws are passed by these socialist elitists, the American Christian Churches, for the most part – do NOTHING.  Is there any valid reason they fail in standing up for what the Bible says is right?

Many, many churches have sold their souls to the politicians strictly for financial gain.  In an effort to appease the community in which they reside, they “wink” at the immorality their congregations continually practice. They do not preach “The Bible” and clean Christian living. They dance around sensitive topics instead of taking them head on. They collect their weekly bribe money in the form of offerings and tell their people, “It’s ok. God still loves you just the way you are.”

YES!  God does love you. But not the way you are!  He loves you so much that He sent Jesus to create in you a NEW SPIRIT MAN!  God wants you to seek Him “just the way you are” with no focused effort on “cleaning yourself up” before coming to Him.  But once you do come to Him, He does not leave you “just the way you are.” He creates in you a new Spirit that is just like JESUS (who is created in His image). So you are a “new creation.” The old you is dead and gone! Praise God!

So, this blog will focus on “calling out the FAILURE of the American Church” as a whole. I know there are exceptions to every rule and every statement. I am focusing on the American Church “as a whole.”  Although there are different denominations and different ways of interpreting scripture based upon those denomination beliefs, we Christians (as a WHOLE) have failed God.

It is time we begin to speak out against this insanity.

It is time we begin to speak out against this immorality.

It is time we begin to speak out against these mental illnesses that go unchecked and allowed to fester into epidemics that threaten the stability of this nation.

It is time we stand up against the socialist politicians who have destroyed the moral fiber of this nation.

It is time we stand up against those who have rewritten the history of this country to reflect their hate for the Biblical Foundations this country was built on.

It is time we, as Christians, coalesce together for what is right, because it is right and because the Bible says it is right!

This blog will be stepping on MANY spiritual toes as we move forward. I will be calling out churches and their pastors for failing to take any controversial political stand – just to avoid a discussion of Biblical morality in today’s society.  I will call out politicians who deem it their calling in life to destroy Biblical morality in this nation.

Back in 1995, when the Lord called me into the ministry, He did so through the scriptures of Ezekiel chapter 2 and chapter 3. Tomorrow, I will go into those scriptures and how, beginning today, January 1stin the year of our Lord 2019, I become laser focused on the calling He has given me.  Twenty four years of preparation, experiences and preaching the Gospel has prepared for “such a time as this.”

Will you join me?

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In Him…

Pastor Robert Thibodeau

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