Mobilizing Believers to be Salt and Light – Kent Pate pt 2

Mobilizing Believers to Be Salt and Light – Kent Pate– Kent Pate

Have you ever had a desire reach the world with the Gospel, but were not sure how to do that?  You many not be called into the five fold ministry, but you still want to help to reach the unchurched with the Word?  How can you do that?

Well, my guest today is going to share some things that will open your eyes to the “How” in order to fulfill your “Why!”  Amen!

Kent Pate is the founder, along with his wife Priscilla, of Kenton Pate Ministries. Kent holds a degree in Electrical Instrumentation and actually worked for Bendix Field Engineering located at the Johnson Space Flight Center in Clear Lake, Texas. He worked as a Simulation Engineer and Trainer for many of America’s Astronauts and they trained for space flight! How cool is that!  (Full disclosure, I’m an avid “space nerd” and have been since early childhood when I watched Alan Shepherd become the first American into space).

Anyway, in 1994, the Lord led both Kent and Priscilla to leave corporate America behind and pursue formal Bible Education. They attend the Jerry Savelle Ministries International Bible Institute and School of World Evangelism near Fort Worth, Texas (or JSMI as it is affectionately called by alumni today).

While at JSMI, in his first year as a student, his zeal and passion for souls got the attention of the Dean and others. Soon, he was asked to head up the Evangelism and Outreach department for the Bible School. Through his efforts, numerous outreaches and events were established, which led directly to thousands of documented salvations through these events. That is where I first met Kent. Our class put together an outreach in an inner city park. I was the “class lead” and got to work with Kent directly in organizing that outreach. It was an awesome event and because of that, Kent and I became good friends as well.

In 1999, Kent and Priscilla founded their ministry. They have a heart for those less fortunate and pioneered a work in one of the most desolate places within the Navaho Indian Nation. They have preached the Gospel all over the world in places like Africa, Europe, Ukraine, Hungary and others. They founded and pastored a church from 1993 until 2012 when they pursued the Evangelistic ministry on a deeper basis.

He and Priscilla are both John Maxwell Certified Speakers and Coaches and use this skill and knowledge to help businesses, churches, ministries and individuals to grow in their areas of expertise as well.

You are getting ready to impact the nation of Belize in a way that has never happened before. Can you explain what “Salt and Light” is for our listeners?

Is Equip a Bible Study? Or Leadership Program?

How are you planning to expand this aspect of your ministry?

Are you looking at other nations, besides Belize, right now?

What if somebody is not called to “the nations” but wanted to do something similar here in the United States. Is that possible?

How long is each session in the 12 week training session?

Does a person have to be a John Maxwell Certified Trainer to be a “Round Table Facilitator?”

Now, I have to ask this question about Belize…

If someone wanted to come down and help, but not really run their own operation down there, is it possible for them to come down and help you out?

What would be the approximate cost for a person to come down during your trip and help out?

What if they wanted to sponsor one or more of the pastors?  What would the cost be for that?

If someone wanted to sow into your ministry for this event, how can they do that?

Kent, this awesome!  I am so blessed to be part of your effort in this. Although I will not be able to go down there right now, we are going to be sowing financially into this project. I do not do this with every ministry I interview. I’ve done going on 400 interviews now and I can count on one hand how many I’ve been led to sow financially into.  And you have entered that group, brother!

I’m going to be putting links to all of this in the show notes as well.

Folks, there you have it! There is a way you can invest in sharing the Gospel. Sharing it with the world or sharing it next door!  You can do this! You are CALLED to do this, whether or not you are called into five fold ministry.

Kent, I remember one thing I learned at JSMI, and I’ve preached it in probably 90% of the places I’ve gone over the years…and that is this.

EVERY PERSON is called into ministry! It may not be the five fold ministry. But every person is called into some form of ministry. They are either “called to GO (the 5 fold ministry); called to HELP those that GO (ministry of helps) or called to SEND those that GO (ministry of financial support)!”  Every believer will fall into one of those three areas.

If someone wanted to reach out to you, to ask a question, have you come and speak or maybe to do an interview such as this, how can they get in touch with you?

That is all the time we have for today!  Kent, I need you to come back on as this is getting closer and give us an update!  At least to come back on and tell us how it went! I’m excited for this, brother!

For Kent Pate and myself, this is Pastor Bob reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!





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