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My Bible Study – Creation Day Three

Genesis Chapter One verses 9-13 – Creation Day Three

Welcome to “My Bible Study.” We are going verse by verse on a walk through the Bible. We are starting today with Day Three of Creation in Genesis Chapter One.

Too many people say, “Yes, I read my Bible all the way through every single year.” But they go through the motions of reading it. They do not actually study to understand what the scriptures are explaining to them. They may get the “big picture” of salvation, etc. But every single verse is important to God, or it would not be in the Bible!

Jesus even talked about how not “one jot nor tittle of the law” was unimportant to be fulfilled. Amen!  So if God put that much emphasis on the importance of His Word, don’t you think it is important for us to take the time to understand as much of it as we can?

I want you to grasp and understand the word of God on a verse by verse basis. And that’s not saying you’re going to remember everything I say. But if I say one thing and you’re like, “Oh wow, I never knew that.” Well, now you know it and you’ll be able to share it with somebody else. And that’s the whole purpose of this Bible study!

Day number three. “God said…” Again, there it is. “God said…” Let’s talk about, again, how “God said,” and everything in Creation got started.

I want you to turn with me to Matthew 21 and let’s look at how important “saying” really is.

Remember, the power of “saying?”  Jesus SAID, that makes it so!  We have the same power and authority He has if we speak IN HIS NAME. Amen!

I want to come back to the second day of Creation for a minute. God said, in verse 10,  God speaking here.

God called the dry land earth. That’s what it’s called. Then, He gathered together waters. He called them seas. And that is what they’re called now. And God saw the results of Him speaking.

Now concerning the dry land, which he calls earth, God says, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, the fruit tree yielding fruit after its own kind whose seed is in itself upon the earth and it was so.”

God is speaking into existence something that never existed before. The grass, the herbs. God did not say, “Yeah, okay, boom, we’ve got grass and we’ve got trees, herbs, fruit, trees, outstanding.”

No, in Creation, He is making a self-sustaining system here. Once he creates the animals and the birds and the fish, and they start consuming everything, pretty soon there’s not going to be any grassland left to eat.  So he creates it able to reproduce itself. Everything.

If He did not create it to reproduce with seed “within itself,” then as it would run out, He would have to go through the entire process of Creation all over again if the entire system was not self sufficient and able to reproduce itself naturally. But God created it all perfect in every way! Amen!

So we have the evening and the morning of the third day of Creation. Praise God!

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