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My Bible Study – Creation Day One



In “My Bible Study,” we are starting this Bible Study in the beginning. We are starting off with Creation, Day One.  The beginning of the Bible. Genesis chapter one verse one. Which starts off with, “In the beginning, God…” and we will make our way down to verse number five, which completes the first day.

The notes for this day, here in the post, are going to be very short. I had not planned on doing a blog post, only a podcast and broadcast.

But the Lord showed me that some people are “readers.” So, beginning in Day Two, there will be more detail in writing.

The major point that I emphasized in the podcast is that nothing “happened” – until God SAID.

That is what kicked off the entire creation process.

God came up with a plan to demonstrate His love and His power. For God is love.
And in God is all power.


And we kind of went over that in detail in episode one of the podcast.

The earth was completely void, waste, desolate, confused, chaos all over the face of it.

And when God came up with His plan, He hovered over the waters.

And still, nothing was happening!

His presence was just hovering over the waters. Nothing happened until God and said, “Let there be light” and light was!

Praise the Lord!

I will refer you back to the podcast episode for the rest of the teaching. Please go back and listen to that complete explanation of day one of Creation

This blog is just a summary of my podcast episode on the same topic. To listen to the entire teaching on this subject, please visit our website at

The “My Bible Study” series is a verse by verse study through the Bible. Each episode, we will study just a few scriptures and have a commentary on them to allow you to have a deeper understanding of why God included them in His Word. After all, isn’t that what a Bible Study is all about?

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Until next time, Be Blessed in ALL That You Do!

Pastor Bob


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