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Prayer 2021 – February 20 – Praying in Tongues pt 2

Scripture of the Day:  

1 Corinthians 14:13

“For this reason the one who speaks in a tongue should pray that they may interpret what they say.”

Praying in Tongues Part Two

As we covered yesterday, speaking in tongues is always manifested when folks are filled with the Holy Spirit. We can read this in Acts chapter 2 verse 4, “And whey were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.”

I would not argue and fuss about whether or not tongues is THE evidence of the infilling of the Holy Spirit. According to what we just read in Acts 2:4 – IT IS. Period. End of story! Amen! Don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good!

On the other hand, though, I know that Christians who do not speak in tongues DO HAVE experiences with the Holy Spirit also. Because, after all, the new birth…being BORN AGAIN, is brought forth by the Holy Spirit also. Am I right?

And God’s Spirit bears witness with our spirits that we are Children of the Most High God (you can read about that in Romans 8:16).

The great man of God, Smith Wigglesworth, once related how he would argue with Pentecostals who said if you were filled with the Holy Ghost you would speak in tongues. He would argue with them saying, “I’m just as filled with the Holy Ghost as you are, I’m seeing miracles in my ministry, but I don’t speak in tongues.”

But one day, he heard about an Episcopal church where the pastor and many members of the Congregation had been praying in tongues and great things were happening at that church. So he decided to go and visit the pastor.

When he arrived, the pastor was not there, but his wife was. Smith just asked her about praying in tongues. He told her he had the Holy Ghost, but wanted to speak in tongues.

She told him, “No, you don’t want tongues, you want the Holy Ghost. Then the tongues will take care of itself.”

He said again, “I already have the Holy Ghost.”

She just told him, “Never mind. Just kneel here and let me pray for you.” After she prayed, there was another knock on the door so she left and closed the door on Smith Wigglesworth so he would not be disturbed.

Smith said he had a vision of a river of blood flowing from the Throne and it surrounded him. He started to exclaim, “I’m clean! I’m clean! I’m clean!” over and over again. After a few times, he  notices he was not saying “I’m clean” in English anymore! It was some strange language he had never heard. He was now speaking in tongues!”

That was when he realized, in all of the arguments he had with other believers who spoke in tongues, telling them he had just as much of the Holy Spirit as they did, he realized he had never actually been BAPTIZED in the Holy Spirit!  And that was the difference!

He had seen many miracles in his ministry…but had never understood the Power that was in the Holy Spirit. After he was Baptized in the Holy Spirit that day – his ministry just exploded in the Power and might of the Holy Spirit.

He realized that, in all of those years he was arguing with other believers – he had NOT been Baptized with the Holy Spirit. He said, “Before, I would have an argument about the Holy Spirit. Now, I have the experience of the Holy Spirit.”

I want to pray for you to have that kind of experience that Smith Wigglesworth had. That I have had. As we close today, I want to tell you a quick story…

At a ministers conference, a preacher was talking about Lester Summeral. Lester was a disciple of Smith Wigglesworth. When Lester left for America, Smith Wigglesworth laid hands on him and imparted the same spirit that was on him, Smith Wigglesworth, into Lester Summeral.

As Lester was getting on in age – and he had a tremendous ministry here in America – one of his personal students, one of those he had taken under his wing as a disciple, was Scott Webb.

At this conference Pastor Webb was relating how, before Lester Summeral passed away, he had called Scott and laid his hands on him and imparted to him the same spirit that was on him that Smith Wigglesworth had imparted to him.

Think to the story of Elijah and Elisha if you will…

I have been a student of all things Smith Wigglesworth related. I’ve been studying his ministry for years. I had prayed to God a few months before attending that meeting, that “I would like to have that same spirit that was on Smith Wigglesworth to be imparted to me, Lord.”

I had no idea who Scott Webb was or that he was even going to be at the conference I was going to. But when I heard that, I prayed, “Lord, is this why you had me come here? If so, then I ask you to arrange a chance to talk with Pastor Webb.”

I’m not kidding, within about two minutes, Pastor Webb was approaching where I was standing. He was going to pass by (in other words, he was not walking out there to talk to me in purpose).

I asked if I could talk to him for a minute and he stopped and we chatted. As I told him about my prayer and everything I just shared with you, I started to shake and get emotional. The Holy Spirit was definitely present.

Pastor Webb looked at me… at first it was a quizzical look. I imagine he was thinking “What in the world…”  But soon, he realized the Holy Spirit was at work.

Long story short, HE laid hands on my and imparted the same anointing that was on Smith Wigglesworth, the same he laid hands on and imparted to Lester Summeral…the same that Lester Summeral imparted to Scott Webb – has now been imparted to me.

And folks, I have seen some miracles – I want to tell you…..SON!  Amen!

But that is not…I am not saying this to puff me up…no – not at all.

I’m saying all of this so you WILL understand, the impartation of the Holy Spirit – the Baptism of the Holy Spirit – The INFILLING of the Holy Spirit – IS REAL. And the manifestation that it has truly happened IS the speaking of tongues.

I want to pray with you right now that you will grasp – your spirit man will grasp – that this is REAL. Amen.

Let’s pray!

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