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Prayer 2021 – February 21 – Divers Tongues pt 1

Scripture of the Day:  

Revelation 8:4

“The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of God’s people, went up before God from the angel’s hand.”

Divers Tongues Part One

Divers kinds of tongues are supernatural utterances given by the Holy Spirit, which are languages never learned or understood by the speaker. The caveat it, the divers tongues are not always unknown to the hearers.

What I mean by that, is there will sometimes be someone present who understands the language being spoken when tongues are being spoken in a service, etc.

Although I have never experienced this, I have spoken to several people over the years, some are very good friends of mine in the ministry, who have either been the ones speaking and another person present was the hearer, or, in one case, was the hearer of another person speaking!  Glory to God!

I have spoken with some friends that were ministering in remote villages of some foreign land. One in particular I’m thinking of, there was a team of about 10 with an interpreter. The interpreter would interpret the meetings as the team would teach, etc.

One day, they decided to split up and cover both ends of this village then meet back in the middle. Since there was only one interpreter, obviously, he could only go with one group. There was another person who understood some words, so she went with the second group. The second group was going to mainly hand out tracks, since they could not readily speak the language.

At some point, the second group was passing out tracks and the interpreter has to use the rest room and left the group for a few minutes. As they were passing out tracks, a person indicated they wanted prayer.  This female friend of mine, looked around and could not find the interpreter, but now there were three or four friends of this person indicating they wanted prayer for their friend.

So, she started to pray in tongues…

Within a couple of minutes, the person being prayed for was crying…the others were crying…they dropped to their knees and began crying out to God…

At that point, the first group arrived. The interpreter started talking to the group and discovered they all had received Jesus as their Savior because this American girl had shared the Gospel of Salvation in a way they finally understood, in their own language and, even more miraculously, in their own regional dialect that was unique only to their village area!

About this time, the other girl that could speak a few words of the language returned. She had missed out on the entire thing!  But there was no doubt the Holy Spirit had taken over and, through the speaking of tongues, a group of people, who only wanted these missionaries to pray for their friend, all were born again.

Well, word spread quickly!  They asked the missionary group to stay that night and they held an outdoor service where just about every member of that village was in attendance and received Jesus as their Savior! Only because one American girl, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, spoke with a language she did not understand, but those who needed to hear it the most DID!

I hope that gave you a little clearer understanding of what “speaking in divers tongues” is all about.

I want to pray with you now, that the Holy Spirit would help you to obtain a greater, deeper understanding of how speaking in tongues can not only bless you on a deeper level, but bless those around you whom may not even understand your primary language. Amen!

Let’s pray!

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