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Prayer 2021 – February 23 – The Importance of Speaking in Tongues

Scripture of the Day:  

1 Corinthians 14:14

“For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful…”

The Importance of Speaking in Tongues

Some people say, “What is the use of speaking in tongues? There are some people who have been filled with the Holy Ghost, baptized with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. But then their human reasoning sees no purpose in continuing speaking in tongues after that initial experience.

It’s almost like they have a checklist…

Get Saved…check!

Get Baptized… check!

Get filled with the Holy Spirit…check!

Speak with other tongues… Check!

Then…go to church…Check!

But that’s it. They never do anything else with their salvation, let alone the Baptism of the Holy Spirit or speaking in tongues!  What a waste!

Anyone that can read and has half a brain should be able to see what importance is placed on speaking in tongues! Amen!

Look at 1 Corinthians chapter 14. The Apostle Paul devoted almost an entire chapter to the subject of speaking in tongues! He talks “a little bit” about prophecy and a “little bit” about interpretation – but the majority is primarily teaching us about the importance of speaking in tongues! Praise God!

If you study it out – there are not too many chapters in the Bible that focus almost entirely on one subject matter. But yet, here we are!  Almost a complete chapter on something that many Christians want to ignore!

I mean, everyone says PRAYER is important. You do believe prayer is important, don’t you?

“Well, of course, brother Bob!  Prayer is vitally important!”

I couldn’t agree more…hence the reason I’m devoting time each and every day in 2021 to go over a different aspect of prayer with you every single morning. Amen! To teach you the importance of praying!

But yet, nowhere in the Bible do you see an entire chapter devoted to a discussion of prayer! None!

Paying your tithes and the giving of offerings is important to, right? But yet, again, there is not an entire chapter devoted to a discussion of how important it is!

Here’s another one…water baptism!  Entire denominations have started with an emphasis on this…but yet, again, there is not an entire chapter devoted stressing the importance of water baptism, is there?

Oh, here’s a good one…the NEW BIRTH!  I would say that is very, very important, right? I mean that would rank way up with the breathing!  If you don’t breath, you die, right? If you don’t have the new birth, you die forever! Amen! I would venture to say that almost every Christian realizes the importance of the new birth!

But yet, do you find anywhere in the Bible where an entire chapter is devoted to the subject of the NEW BIRTH?  Nope. None. Not one.

There are many VERSES that discuss these topics. They are scattered throughout the Bible. Yet, as important as these topics are, the Holy Spirit did not lead anyone to write an entire chapter on the importance of any of these subjects.

That does not mean they are not important. They are important. On the other hand, we must also realize that when we DO SEE an entire chapter devoted to one particular subject, such as the Crucifixion, I mean, that would be important, right? And we do see chapters in the Gospels devoted to this…right? That’s how important that is, correct?

But yet, we understand God does not fill up His Word with unnecessary statements. Every Word has a purpose. Understanding this, we should be able to discern how important this subject matter is to God. He wants us to UNDERSTAND how important HE CONSIDERS speaking in divers tongues truly is to HIM!

Notice verse 2 in 1 Corinthians chapter 14, “For he that speaks in an unknown tongue speaks NOT TO MEN, but to GOD!” Paul is not talking here about ministering in a public meeting.

He is talking about communion with God the Father THROUGH the Holy Spirit! Praise God! This is for the individual believer to speak directly to God, cutting through the human filter of our minds and speaking on a direct “hot line” of sort with the Holy Father, who knows ALL THINGS. Amen!

What a privilege!  But yet, there are many that say, “That’s not for us today…” FOOLS!

That would be like saying, “I know cell phones are good for some people, but if my kids need me, they can just wait until I get home in the evenings to talk to me. I don’t believe in any other method of communication.”

That would be silly, right?

I remember when, if you were away from the house and your car broke down, you tried to find a pay phone somewhere to call for help. I remember my car broke down on the highway, I had to walk almost 5 miles to the next exit, then another mile or so after that to a pay phone! It took me almost two hours just to walk to phone!

I appreciate having a cell phone on me today! Amen!

That is the same way we need to look at praying in tongues. It is our direct line to the Throne Room of God! Amen!

Yes, we can pray in our language – don’t get me wrong…

But when the communication is so important, God wants to impart a “Heavenly download” to your spirit man and not let the devil know what the plan is – divers tongues is how He will do it.

Do you want in on God’s Heavenly plans – especially concerning your life? Sure you do!

I want to pray for you right now to be willing to give God a chance. You gave Jesus a chance on Salvation and that worked, right? Give God a chance to share some things with you through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. Amen!

Let’s Pray!

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