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Prayer 2021 – July 25 – Changing the Nation Through Prayer pt 2

Scripture For Today:

Isaiah 38:2

“Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord,”

Changing the Nation Through Prayer pt 2


Yesterday, we talked about how the prayers of righteous people can change a nation. We will be continuing down this path today as well.

We discussed how Isaiah, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, went to the kings palace and demanded an audience. As we studied, you just don’t walk up and demand to speak to the king! You can’t do it to a president, what makes you think you could do it to a king? Amen?

Then, how Isaiah was ushered into the kings bed chamber – and then just flat out told him, “Thus saith the Lord, get your house in order boy!  You are going to die!”  Then turned around and left!

In today’s verse, we see this so affected Hezekiah, that HE humbled himself and prayed to the Lord our God! Amen! And, because he humbled himself, God stopped Isaiah before he could even leave the palace grounds and told him, basically, “Go back!  Your message worked!  The king has humbled himself before me. So go back and tell him I have heard his prayers and will grant him an additional 15 years of life.”


Don’t you desire to see your prayers answered like that? Where you could pray and have a prophecy declared over you or your family that wasn’t all that glorious to begin with – changed? Would you rather have it be that way – or the prophecy concerning some not so great things come to pass?

Well, it works the same way where interceding for your nation is concerned.

In much the same way that that Hezekiah prayed, we can change the damnation prophecy that is hovering over this nation right now! Amen!

I believe Christians are about to change some things, some very public things, about this nation. I believe the effectual prayers of righteous people are answered. And their prayers – YOUR prayers, about to be answered in miraculous ways. Ways that will astound and amaze unbelievers in such a way that they will ask, “How is your prayers are answered so quickly?”

And that is where you can pop in and give your personal testimony, share the Gospel and other such things. But it must all be in accordance with 1 Timothy 2:1-2, which says

“I exhort therefore, that FIRST OF ALL, supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for ALL men; for kings and for all that are in authority; so that WE might live a quiet and peacable life in all godliness and honesty.”

We studied about this scripture and the importance of praying for those in authority – and we are to do that. But not just pray “for them” – but to pray they will be brought under conviction!

Pray that the conviction is so strong and so powerful – that they actually have the HELL scared out of them! Amen!

Pray that their very core of the being will be shaken – shaken to the core, if you will. Amen!

Just like Hezekiah was shaken to his core, prayed, repented and God IMMEDIATELY answered his prayer – you and I can have and see the same results as WE pray for our leaders and those around us.


Let’s Pray!

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