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Prayer 2021 – July 27 – Lifting Up Your Hands in Prayer pt 1

Scripture For Today:

Isaiah 63:7

“I will tell of the kindnesses of the Lord, the deeds for which he is to be praised, according to all the Lord has done for us— yes, the many good things he has done for Israel, according to his compassion and many kindnesses.”

Lifting Up Your Hands in Prayer pt 1


I think we can pretty well agree that everyone needs to be praying. Amen?

I think we can pretty much agree that YOU need to pray – as well as I. Amen?

But did you know, there are explicit instructions the Apostle Paul has given us concerning HOW we pray?

We studied before about making intercession for all men, for kings and all that are in authority. I’m not going to go back over that, as we covered it pretty in-depth.

But in 1 Timothy 2:8, Paul also gives us some specific instructions. Let’s look at that verse.

1 Timothy 2:8:

“I will, therefore, that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.”

Most Christians today, I would venture to say, DO NOT DO THAT!

We should know, more than others, that we are to pray without doubting!  Jesus Himself told us to pray without doubting!  Turn over to Mark 11:23-24:

“…verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say to this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea; AND SHALL NOT DOUBT in his heart, but shall BELIEVE that those things he saith shall come to pass; he shall HAVE whatsoever he saith. Therefore, I say unto you, What things soever YOU desire, when YOU pray, believe that YOU receive them, and YOU shall HAVE THEM.”

Amen!  Glory to God!

But there are Christians who want to argue with Jesus!

Can you imagine walking up to a homeless person holding a sign asking for money – and you tell him, “Do you believe that if ask me, I’ll give you $10,000?”  And the homeless guy wants to argue with you?

“Well, you don’t really mean that! Why in the world would you want to do that?”

You tell the guy, “Ask.”

And the homeless guy say, “Ok. Give me $10,000.”

When you turn around to go get it out of your car. And he says, “See – I knew you wouldn’t do it. Just leave me alone. I don’t need you and I don’t need your money…”

That is what Christians are like today!  I’m talking about Spirit filled believers!

They pray for their needs to be met – and if Jesus doesn’t reach into His pocket and pull out what you need immediately, they doubt He will do it all. Amen!

I hope I’m stepping on some Spiritual toes today!

We will take it up here tomorrow, but let me leave you with this little nugget of Wisdom…

God is not creating any more wealth or any more money in this world. He took care of it all at Creation. Now, when He needs to get some additional money to YOU – He has to work through other people to do so!

Just like you went to the car to get the money for the homeless guy, Jesus has to go find a willing and able believer to get money to you. It takes some time to do so. He can find someone who will do it immediately – I’ve seen it happen.

But it is not unusual for a period of time that must go by until it actually arrives in your hands.

But Christians today are like the homeless guy in this example. If they don’t see it in the natural immediately, they get offended and start cussing out Jesus!

Let’s Pray!

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