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Prayer 2021 – June 21 – The Holy Spirit Takes Hold With Us in Prayer pt 2

Scripture For Today:

Micah 7:14

“Shepherd your people with your staff, the flock of your inheritance, which lives by itself in a forest, in fertile pasturelands. Let them feed in Bashan and Gilead as in days long ago.”

The Holy Spirit Takes Hold With Us In Prayer pt 2


Yesterday, we learned, from Romans 8:26, that the Holy Spirit, “…also helpeth us with our infirmities.”  We learned that the actual Greek translation mean to “take hold together with and against.”

The example I gave was asking my grandson to come over and help me to move a couch from the downstairs to a truck outside. I was asking him to come over and help me, together, against the weight of that couch that I would be unable to move on my own power.

Well, that is the same exact way the Holy Spirit works against any infirmity you may have. We learned He will come alongside and HELP YOU by coming together with you – against that infirmity. Amen!

This is the way the Holy Spirit is able to help us fight against things that we may not understand – but He does. This works in any situation you may find yourself. I guarantee, the devil has never come up with something God did not see coming. He may have ALLOWED whatever to happen – but there is a reason behind it. We may not know the reason. We may like the reason. But in the end, what the devil meant for harm, God can turn to good. Amen!

Many times, though, the Holy Spirit cannot do anything to help us. WHY? Because WE don’t take hold, TOGETHER WITH HIM, to take action. We think we can handle it ourselves.

And, be honest, think about the last time you took some kind of action, financial investments, relationships, job offers, whatever. Think about the last time you took action and failed to get counsel. Qualified counsel.

I’m talking, you are about to invest $100K from your IRA into another investment.  You seen this ad on FaceBook and thought, “That looks cool. I’ll take all my money and plop it over there!”

But, then you think, “You know, I better talk to somebody about this.” So you walk outside and see your next door neighbor under the hood of his car. He’s always working on it because he doesn’t have a job, can’t hold a job and needs to keep that car taped together…

So you ask him what he thinks about it?  Would that be considered “qualified advice?”  I sure hope and pray you said NO. Amen!

If you need financial advice, you need to go to someone who knows about investments, right?

Well, it is the same thing here. You need to take any issue you have to the Holy Spirit. Let Him guide you. Let Him come alongside you. Let Him HELP YOU WITH AND AGAINST THOSE INFIRMITIES. Amen!

The Holy Spirit is our HELPER – not our DOER.  Jesus did not say, in John 14:16, that, “I will pray and my Father will send another doer to you.” No. He said, “My Father will send a comforter (or  helper) to you.”


Let’s Pray!

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