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Prayer 2021 – May 2 – God is Limited by Our Prayers pt 3

Scripture For Today:

 Exodus 10:17

“Now, forgive my sin once more and pray to the Lord your God to take this deadly plague away from me.”

God is Limited By Our Prayers pt 3

Yesterday, we left off with a reference to the governments of this world being under the dominance of Satan and his demonic forces. That includes the government of the United States and our governing officials. From the President on down, if they are advocating for, promoting and encouraging ungodly acts, ungodly morals and ungodly laws, they are NOT agents of God for good.

That may be a shock for some of you – but get over it.

We ARE NOT of this world, IF you are a born again Christian. And here is another shocking fact:

If you are attending a church that supports these ungodly people that promote ungodly conduct and behavior, there is a really, really good chance that your church leadership are really under the influence of demonic powers and not the Holy Spirit.

“Brother Bob, come on…” you may say. But really, let’s just look at it from a Biblical point of view ONLY. Keep politics out of it. No Democrat or Republican ideology. Just the Bible. Just the Word of God. ONLY.

Now, if you have a problem with that off the bat – YOU are probably under a demonic influence yourself!  I know I just made some demon possessed person mad right now.

But look at some social issues this nation is facing right now and tell me what the Bible (and ONLY the Bible) has to say about the position a Christian should be taking. Are you ready?

What does the Bible say about abortion? Murdering the innocent?

What does the Bible have to say about child sacrifice?  That’s what abortion really is…

What does the Bible have to say about homosexuality?

What does the Bible have to say marriage between a man and a woman?

What does the Bible say about selecting RIGHTEOUS leaders? What is a “righteous leader,” you may ask?  It is one who FOLLOWS THE MORAL CODES OF THE BIBLE!  I can name an entire political party that has taken a vow NOT to do that? Can you?

What does the Bible say about obeying the laws of the land? Again, there are politicians at all levels of government that are advocating rioting in the streets, destroying property and other such things that violate almost every law on the books. Can they be righteous? I think not.

Now, as we get ready to close today, let me ask you this question. Do you think God is going to answer the prayers of someone who is violating His moral commandments and laws? Again, I think not.

Does God WANT TO BLESS US?  Absolutely! He says so over and over and over in His Word?

“Well, brother Bob, why doesn’t He bless us then?”

Because He cannot Bless what He has already cursed. And if you support a political party and put them in charge, a party that hates God, hates morality and hates law and order, God cannot bless it. He has already said those who do those things would live under the curse. They are not redeemed.

And guess where that leaves us as a nation. Cursed. That is why all of these things are happening. If you were one of those demonic led individuals that voted for people that are leading you down the cursed path of life, you better repent and ask for forgiveness. Because time is running out.

That’s where I’ll leave this for today. This is why God can’t answer our prayers for deliverance. This country has chosen to follow Satan and his henchmen. God cannot bless what He has already cursed.

If you were offended by this teaching today, go down below and leave a comment. If you were blessed by it and in agreement…do the same thing. Amen.

Let’s pray!

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