Prayer 2021 – October 13 – How to Effectively Use the Prayer of Agreement pt 1

Scripture For Today:

Deuteronomy 9:20

“And the Lord was angry enough with Aaron to destroy him, but at that time I prayed for Aaron, too.”

How to Effectively Use the Prayer of Agreement pt 1

We are studying about Prayer – different kinds of prayer…nobody on this earth has ever – ever touched the absolute total power that is available to them through prayer…not in their wildest imagination of what God  has given to us through the power of prayer.  Nobody has ever realized the magnificence of what God has available for us through prayer…Nobody except Jesus has ever lived in constant contact with the Father and walked through this earth knowing what to do in every circumstance.

We just go bumbling through life…acting so spiritual – yes amen…- I pray 3 times a month and twice on my birthday…amen…here we are…just bee bopping around…why?  When we ought to be walking continually in the magnificence of God…Well, we are going FOR IT…amen!  That is what these broadcasts are about…that is what this study is about…amen!

Again, Go to our foundation scripture – Ephesians 6:10-18  (before we get through – you are going to KNOW this scripture, inside and out!  Amen)!

Be Strong in the Lord and in the Power of HIS might!  Amen!  Put on the whole armor of God – we covered that in detail during the last broadcast.

Look at Eph 2:2           Prince of the Power of the Air…that is the devil.  We covered that in depth also…  We discovered there are three different types of Heaven talked about in the Bible….You have the Heaven where God’s Throne is….you have the stellar heaven – outer space…and you have the heaven surrounding the earth…which is the atmosphere…and we discovered that is where the devil is operating at…he is limited to that heaven…amen!

We are not in battle against other men or other people.  We are in battle against the devils and demons that are controlling other people….actually, we are not in battle against them either…for the battle was the Lord’s and the Victory is ours – amen!  We tend to give the devil too much credit.  The only power he has is the power which men give to him.  You are not going into battle against him…Jesus already did that…Jesus already defeated him – real good!  Amen!  You are not going into battle to try and win the war!  Jesus did that Himself….you are the mop up crew….you are the occupying force!  Your job is to go and search out where the devil is trying to erect strong holds and use your God given authority to tear them down!  Amen!  We need to make sure he does not erect these strong  holds in our life, our family’s life our finances, our city – our government!  Amen!  We are the ones who are to make sure he does not occupy the territory!

We are going to go back now…and look at the prayer of agreement…you remember, we just briefly covered this in the beginning…but I told you then, we needed to come back to it once we had a good foundation laid…well, this is the day – amen!

We just looked at Binding and Loosing…and I said then we would need to return and look at the prayer of agreement because it was related to the prayer of binding and loosing.  So let’s go ahead and do this again, right now.

We need to exert the power and authority of Jesus as we find, bind and cast down satanic strongholds and wicked spirits…otherwise, they will try to exert their influence over your mind, your family, etc.  We can see that in our governmental systems today….we have allowed these satanic influences to sneek into our government..and now we are suffering and wondering “why”….well, I’ll  tell you why!  Because you let the devil run the government dummy!  Kick him out and get some Godly people in there…and things will start to get better…but when you just vote your pocket book or what somebody can do FOR YOU instead of what they can do to further the Kingdom of God in this nation…then you are part of the problem not part of the solution…and God can raise up someone else to fulfill His plan if you refuse…but for you and your family – if you refuse to obey God’s Will – for you it will be to your damnation…amen!

I’m all out of time for today’s session, so we will take it up here again tomorrow. Believe me, folks, the Prayer of Agreement, combined with Binding and Loosing, will create a prayer life that not only elevates your prayers to a new level, but produces results that show up almost immediately! Satanic forces are unable to do anything when two or more believers come together to pray using these available prayer resources the Lord has provided. Amen!

Let’s Pray!

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