Prayer 2021 – October 21 – Tune Into God pt 4

Scripture For Today:

Psalm 72:15

“Long may he live! May gold from Sheba be given him. May people ever pray for him and bless him all day long.”

Tune Into God pt 4

We have been talking these past few days about being “tuned into” God. Yesterday, we looked at a couple of examples in the Bible that proves Jesus was not poor, by any means. Amen!

We have been taught that God allows sickness, disease or calamities to happen in our lives in order to “teach” us something.  That is not scriptural.  Sickness, disease and calamities are covered under the curses – and we have been redeemed from the curses! (Galatian 3:13-14).

We have been taught that our children ran from God because of something we have done in our past.  We have been taught that our children must “find their own way.”  Both of these concepts are not scriptural.  It is our responsibility as parents to pray for our children and teach them that God loves them and is there for them when we cannot be.

We have been taught that we can “never know what God will do.”  But the Bible says the Holy Spirit will show us all things! (John 14:25-27).

We have been taught that sometimes God answers our prayers and sometimes he doesn’t. But the Bible says God’s answers to our prayers are YES and AMEN. (2 Corinthians 1:20).

We have been taught that miracle healings are not for today. That God developed medical centers and modern medicine so we would not have to rely on miracle healings.  The question I have for you is this…Who gave the medical doctors the wisdom to develop the techniques and medicines to treat the condition?  A medical healing or miracle is not something we should “seek” instead of utilizing the medical technology which is available.  However, if medical technology is not able to treat the condition, don’t shut God out of the picture!  If you believe you will NOT receive a miracle – your prayer will be answered just as you believe!  If you believe God is able…then He will!!!

But, I do not want you to think there is a secret “formula” or a “Seven Step Program” which, if you follow, will get you the results you are looking for.  This teaching for 2021 is not designed to do that.  There is no secret ritual or formula; you cannot “trick” God into answering your prayers; you cannot “buy” your answers.

You must operate by FAITH.  Faith in God. Faith in Jesus. Faith in the Word.  Every single morning this year, 2021, I am doing a daily teaching on various aspects of prayer, for 367 straight days. The purpose is to  give you the foundation to present your prayers to God, knowing that He will answer them. Knowing that your Faith is what activates the Word in your life. Knowing that Jesus is the Word of God who was made flesh. Knowing that Jesus is always making intercession for you before God in order to get your prayers answered.

I want to look now, at receiving answers to your prayer requests to God for the things you want. You can do this by simply believing the scriptures and the prayers you said actually worked. Notice I used a past tense on worked. Not that “they will work.” Not that “they are going to work.” But, when you prayed – they WORKED. The job was done.

“Well, brother bob, what if I don’t see the results.”

Let me ask you this.  Are you saved?


How do you know?

“Well, Jesus said I was when I asked Him to forgive me and come into my heart…”

Did you SEE any change your body? Did money start raining down from Heaven to help you financially? Did life suddenly become all sunshine and roses?

“Noooo – but I still know I’m saved. By Faith!”

EXACTLY! That is my point!

Faith is the key ingredient in every – single – prayer – you – ever – pray!


Jesus said, in Mark 11 that if YOU had faith as large as a grain of mustard seed…

Let me stop right there. Not too many people today have ever even seen a grain of mustard seed. In Jesus day, it was common knowledge. They were an agricultural society.

Let’s put this verse in terms most people will understand…

If you had faith as large as one grain of rice – you could speak to any mountain and command it move and it would have to obey you.  ONE GRAIN OF RICE!

The problem, most people don’t believe that!

Do you?

Do YOU have enough faith that it could be measured against ONE GRAIN OF RICE?

If so – what are you waiting for!  Start taking authority over every situation you encounter and begin CHANGING THINGS! Amen!

Let’s Pray!

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