Prayer 2021 – October 22 – Tune Into God pt 5

Scripture For Today:

Job 42:8

“So now take seven bulls and seven rams and go to my servant Job and sacrifice a burnt offering for yourselves. My servant Job will pray for you, and I will accept his prayer and not deal with you according to your folly. You have not spoken the truth about me, as my servant Job has.”

Tune Into God pt 5

We have been talking these past few days about being “tuned into” God. Yesterday, we looked at having faith as large as ONE GRAIN OF RICE!  Do you remember? If not or if you missed, go back and view it or listen to it. It was definitely a Holy Spirit led moment. Amen!

I want to look now, at receiving answers to your prayer requests to God for the things you want. You can do this by simply believing the scriptures and the prayers you said actually worked. Notice I used a past tense on worked. Not that “they will work.” Not that “they are going to work.” But, when you prayed – they WORKED. The job was done.

“Well, brother bob, what if I don’t see the results.”

Let me ask you this.  Are you saved?


How do you know?

“Well, Jesus said I was when I asked Him to forgive me and come into my heart…”

Did you SEE any change your body? Did money start raining down from Heaven to help you financially? Did life suddenly become all sunshine and roses?

“Noooo – but I still know I’m saved. By Faith!”

EXACTLY! That is my point!

YES – some people will see an immediate event or change. Someone they prayed for will instantly be healed. Someone you pray for to be healed will die. Did God answer your prayer?

“No – they died…”

But – where did they go? Once they died, where did they go? If they were Christians, they went to Heaven, right? So they have received a Glorified Body and they will never be sick again!

“Yeah, but – I wanted them healed here…”

First, “don’t’ Yeah, but – God. Ok.

Second, what YOU want – was it backed up by scripture?  Did you find a scripture that said, “So and so will be healed and stay here?”

The answer, in case you are wondering, is NO.  There is no scripture that guarantees you or anyone else will live forever on earth in this body. None. Our hope is in our eternal, glorified bodies with Christ. Amen.

“But I don’t understand. You said to believe we receive and we could have it. I prayed and they died. I didn’t get what I wanted for the answer.”

This can quickly turn into a very in-depth teaching…and I’m trying to keep this teaching short. We will go over this more in upcoming sessions. But let me say this…

Notice what you just said in regards to this example.

I wanted… I wanted… I wanted…I wanted them healed. I wanted my finances fixed. I wanted…

Now, let’s go back to our scripture references. Remember, we are focusing all of our requests on scripture, right? That is the purpose of this training.

Matthew 6:32 says, “…your Heavenly Father knows you NEED all of these THINGS.”

Ok. So there are THINGS YOU NEED. Notice that…

He is telling us to ASK FOR THE THINGS WE NEED…

He expects us to come to Him in prayer, in the Name of Jesus, and ASK FOR THE THINGS WE NEED…

One more time… NEED.  Notice the words you uses in the example I provided… WANTED.

There is a difference between a NEED and a WANT.

want a million dollars.  But do I NEED a million dollars?  Or would $1,000 meet my need that I’m faced with right now?

See the difference?


Let’s Pray!

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