Prayer 2021 – October 23 – Tune Into God pt 6

Scripture For Today:

Mark 11:17

“And as he taught them, he said, “Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’? But you have made it ‘a den of robbers.’”

Tune Into God pt 6

We have been talking these past few days about being “tuned into” God. Yesterday, we began to look at our “needs verses wants.” And, truth be told, most of pray about our wants and not our needs.  We are going to continue that line of teaching today…

But I want to warn you – if you are one of those “sensitive” Christians who are easily offended when the Truth hurts, you may as well get out your Sport Cream or whatever, your Tylenol or whatever – because I’m going to jumping up on down on Spiritual toes today! Glory to God!

You could have been praying for God to deliver you from financial oppression. And, truth be told, if you are honest, if your debts are out of control as compared to your income, it is usually because you lived beyond your means. You were spending today based on tomorrow’s income…and something happened to tomorrow’s income.

The pandemic shutdown your business… or you lost your job. But the debts are still there and the debtors want their money.

Whose fault is it? Don’t blame the economy – or China – or the government. They did not tell you to incur the debt. If you did not have the debt, yes, you might not have that 84” flat panel TV to watch the Super Bowl on… but you would not have the debt for it either.

I’m not saying this to condemn anyone. I’m using it as an example of NEED verses WANT.

You WANTED the TV.  Now, you have a NEED for income to pay for it. If you would have saved $100 per month for several months, and then, if you still wanted it, you could have paid cash for it. But, you took immediate possession based upon several months of income in the future, which is now none existent.  Again, I’m not perfect. I’ve done the same thing. That’s why I can talk about it…because I’ve experienced it.

Have you noticed the best person to help another alcoholic to recover is a recovered alcoholic? Or the best person to help a drug addict is a former addict? That’s because they can speak from experience. That’s what I’m able to do concerning finances. We’ve made our mistakes in the past…and learned from them. That’s why I can share this with you. Not in condemnation – but from experience. Amen..

OK, enough on that…on with my example. You need a couple of thousand dollars of income – Immediately – or the lights are being turned off and you will not have any food to feed the family. That is an immediate WANT. You may think you NEED it (and you do). But in reality, it is your fault you are in that position, right?

Now, let’s say you are out on a walk with your family and group of thugs surrounds you and is threatening to kill all of you.  They pull out their knives and they are getting ready to go to town on your family. You cry out to God…

How would you like it if God answered, while you are about to be attacked, with, “Ok – I’m going to give you what you want. Once you get home, there is a $1000 check waiting for you in the mail box… It took me several weeks to get the right people to finally wake up and send it…but it’s there.”

That’s what you WANTED right? The $1000?  That’s what you’ve been praying for during the last several weeks… it was a WANT, right?

OR – would you be praying for God for an IMMEDIATE answer to a very REAL NEED that you have concerning the safety of your family?  Which one would you rather have God answer?

THE NEED for immediate deliverance, right?

You’re crying out to God, “PLEASE GOD, HELP US!”

And about 5 seconds later, a police car just happens to turn the corner.  The thugs see it and start running. Now, the police are in pursuit…and you and your family are safe.

Would that be God answering an IMMEDIATE NEED that was totally out of your control – or your WANT which was based upon past mistakes you’ve made?

Which one would you prefer God to answer?

I think everyone would agree the immediate need would be priority. You still WANT the $1000 and it is needful…but as far as BELIEVING YOU RECEIVE WHEN YOU PRAY – are you seeing the difference as far as how quickly God can answer a NEED and how the WANTS will come… it will come… in due time.


Let’s Pray!

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