Prayer 2021 – October 8 – Liar, Hypocrite or Believer pt 4

Scripture For Today:

 Luke 11:1

“One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.”

Liar, Hypocrite or Believer pt 4

We’ve been studying the topic of whether you are a “Liar, Hypocrite or a Believer.” This is a very serious topic that a lot of Christian feel uncomfortable talking about. But I’m not going to pull punches here. Everyone is in of these camps. And it is very easy for you to identify which camp you are in!  And that is uncomfortable if you find yourself identifying with either Liar or Hypocrite instead of Believer. Amen!

Yesterday, we left off with identifying the three Heavens as outlined in the Bible.  You have the Heaven where God’s Throne is located.  You have the heaven that is what we call “outer space” where the planets and solar system and universe is located…and you have the third heaven which is the atmosphere that surrounds this planet…the air that we breath…that is where the devil is limited to his operations…he is not omnipresent and he does not have the right to travel to the Heaven where God is located…he is bound to this earth…ok?

You can look at Daniel 10 verses 12-14 to see what I mean.  I will not take the time in this format to read the verses for you. You go and look them up yourself. Amen!

But Daniel has been praying for twenty one days!!! It is hard to get Christians nowadays to pray for 21 minutes let alone 21 days!  Amen!  He has been fasting and praying; fasting and praying; fasting and praying…seeking God…waiting for the revelation and his prayers to be answered…

Daniel did not have the Name of Jesus or the Blood Covenant that we have…Daniel did not have access to the “full armor of God” like we have…the ONLY weapons Daniel had to use were “fasting and prayer.”  And that is what he did…he used the weapons which he had available to him as provided by his Lord…and he used them…

Why is it we do not want to use the weapons which our God has made available to us…and then ask why God does not answer our prayer…here is a very good example….when is the last time you FASTED and PRAYED at the same time…asking God for a breakthrough and asking God to answer your prayers!?  Hmmmmm?

And you wonder WHY God is not answering you?  You, my friend, are a hypocrite!  I’m sorry if that offends you…but it is high time you get slapped across the face with the Word of God!  Amen!   YOU MUST USE THE WEAPONS GOD HAS GIVEN YOU ACCESS TO!

Daniel could  have given up…he could have gotten an attitude…he was probably wondering (but never said out loud) “Why hasn’t God answered me?”  But, instead of giving up…he persisted.  If you notice…he was praying for 21 straight days…and the angel said he had been dispatched “the first day.”   So God had “answered” him the very first day!”  But the angel was hindered!

When Daniel started to pray…God said, “Gabriel, Daniel is praying…go and tell him this message…”  and Gabriel left…but the devil had a strong spirit there that was in control of that territory and would not allow the angel to get through…finally, the angel called in reinforcements – who was Michael – the arch-angel…which means he was the  strongest angel in the Heaven!  And they got through…amen!

Gabriel said he came because of Daniels  WORDS…but was facing a battle getting to him…Daniel did not know there was a spiritual battle raging just above him, just above his head…if  he could have seen in the spirit…it would have been a pretty good show!  But he had no idea…so – he did ONLY what he could do…he kept on praying…

We can use the Name of Jesus to bind the devil that is trying to hinder us in our prayer life…we should not have to pray for 21 days straight with no answer… But YOU need to use your authority, through Christ Jesus – to pray effectively. And it will not work if you are a liar or a hypocrite. It only works for BELIEVERS. AMEN!

Let’s Pray!

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