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Prayer 2021 – September 15 – Our Rights Under Prayer pt 11

Scripture For Today:

2 Chronicles 7:15

“Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.”

Our Rights Under Prayer pt 11

We have been talking about “Our Rights Under Prayer” and how important it is that we understand our rights. Just like knowing what are rights are under the Constitution of the United States, we need to know our rights Under Heaven as it concerns prayer as well.

Genesis chp 2 talks about the Blessing of the Lord and how He gave us a command to “Have Dominion” over all of creation!  But yet, we allow others and we allow circumstances to have dominion over us!  It’s NOT supposed to be like that.

Most people, when they pray, they are trying to make deals with God.  They will pray things like, “If you Bless me – then I will do this and that…”  But that’s backwards!

Find out what God wants you to do – then do it!  Then the Blessing comes upon you and overtakes you….that is what the Blessing is designed to do and how it is designed to work.  For example:  your kids are hungry.  The bread is at the store.  You can say…” I know there is bread at the store.  I know you are hungry.  Someday, if you are really good, perhaps the bread will come to us from the store.”   NO!  You go TO the store – obtain the bread – then feed the kids.  You don’t start by trying to “be good” and “hope” the bread comes to you.  You must put forth the effort to go and get it!  Amen!

Go to 3 John 2

God wants you well, spirit, soul and body.  He wants to Bless you.  And YOU want to be Blessed – right?  So, you need to find out what God says you should do – and do it!  Then, you WILL be Blessed – you have His Word on it!  And God is not a man that He should lie!

Read Matthew21:21-22; Mark 11:24; Luke 18:1

Our struggle is not with God – God is the answer to the problem…not THE Problem!  What would be the use of praying always if could not obtain what we are always praying about?

You can’t get “good enough” to “get” God to answer  your prayers.  Our prayer life is based upon our covenant with Jesus.  Period!  Nothing else!  It is because of Jesus that God will answer our prayers.  It is because of “Good” Jesus was and is.  Not because of how “good” we try to be.  It is because we have entered into covenant with JESUS and God has entered into covenant with Jesus – so therefore WE have covenant with God!

The KEY to all of this – the common denominator in the whole thing – is in BELIEVING.  Believing in our covenant.  Believing in Jesus. Believing in what HE did for US.  Believing that the price of our sin has been paid – in full.  Believing the God will honor His Word, His Promise to Jesus – that He will Bless those who Bless Jesus – how do we do that?  By doing what He told us to do – BELIEVE!

That is all we have to do!  Believe!  “But, brother Bob, I just don’t know if I can do that. You don’t know what my finances are like…you don’t know what the doctor told me was wrong…you don’t know…you don’t know….you don’t know”  YOUR RIGHT!  I don’t know…but I DO KNOW who has the answer you are looking for!  JESUS!

But, you can only know what to believe FOR if you know what the person you are believing has said.  You can only know what they said if you talk to them.  You did not receive Jesus as  your Lord and Savior UNTIL you BELIEVED what God said about Jesus and what He did on the cross.

Let’s Pray!

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