Prayer 2021 – September 26 – Prayer and Financial Blessings pt 3

Scripture For Today:

Ezra 6:10

“…so that they may offer sacrifices pleasing to the God of heaven and pray for the well-being of the king and his sons.”

Prayer and Financial Blessings pt 3

We’ve been studying about Prayer and Financial Blessings these last few days. I pray that your mind is beginning to comprehend a lot of the misconceptions that have been taught by some, for and against, financial blessings.  The truth of the matter is, you need to be blessed financially in order to make an impact with the Gospel in this earth.

That does not mean if you give God $100 He is going to send you $1 million!  It does mean, that if the $100 was a significant offering for you, He will view it as significant and bless you – let’s say – SIGNIFICANTLY in return! Amen!

WHY?  Because He sees your willingness to do what you can with what you have. And if went over and beyond by giving sacrificially that $100, He will bless you for your part in it. This means that what you have left over will go farther than it could have ever gone if you had NOT given to the Lord’s work. Amen!

2 Corinth 9:6-7  Give – not grudgingly or of necessity because some preacher is putting pressure on you.  Our giving is to be to the Lord as an offering.  What is an offering?  It is an OFFER.  He does not have to receive your offer…think of a real estate transaction…You establish what you want….someone comes in and say, No, but how about this…you can say NO.  God is the same way…He establishes what He wants and what He wants done and how it should be done….you come in and say, How about this…?  He can say NO…you need to do what He say.  Amen.

God did not accept Cain or his offering.  Because God did not accept what Cain was giving Him.  God told him to get his attitude right and he would be accepted…but instead of overcoming the sin – he overcame Abel!…but even in that sin…God still had mercy on him and established that nobody was supposed to exact revenge on Cain…giving him chances to repent, etc.

If you make Jesus an offering, the faith comes in when you believe he receives it.  He is appointed here on this earth to receive our tithes and our offerings as a witness that He lives.

Lets say there is someone who is extremely successful…a Rockefeller or Donald Trump type of person…He has enough money several fold over…amen…He knows what to do with money and make more….all you have  do is get him to accept your  $50 or whatever..and do what he does best…and you know your needs will be taken care of …..amen….kind of like – mutual funds operate in this economy…for the “mutual benefit” of all involved.

But, you think to yourself…my little bit isn’t going to impress him…he won’t even accept it…I’m just wasting my time and my money…Jesus is the MOST prosperous person in existence…amen!  He is the Heir of ALL things…He can buy and sell Donald Trump several times over and not even put a dent in His bank account in Heaven..amen!  Jesus can do more with 50 cents than others can do with all the rest the millions they think they have..amen… WHY?  Because He knows what to do with it.  He knows how it works.  Not what Mr. Trump or whoever else you can come up with thinks they may know how it works… Jesus says if you will bring it to Him, “I will administer your finances for you and start mixing your money with mine…that would be enough for you and your posterity well into the future.”  Amen.. You can’t get a better deal than that – anywhere…!

Let’s Pray!

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