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The Sower Sows to Reap a Harvest pt 2

What does it mean to REAP A HARVEST?


When you help other people, they will fall into one of four categories, according to the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 13, with the parable of the sower.

They will reject everything you are saying. They will despise your help. All of your efforts were wasted. In cases like that, just pray for that person and move on. It takes, on average, about 47 times (a statistic I learned in Bible School) for a person to accept Christ and the help He provides. That is the average. That means someone may say OK to your help the very first time while someone else may go 100 times in rejecting it. You do not know where they are at on their path of life.

So just pray for them and move on.

Then, there are the people that come to you and you help them. But it seems as if they just turn around, take the help you provided, but go right back to their own way of doing things (which has gotten them into the mess to begin with). Again, count it as seed sown into their life and move on. Do not let others and their lack of acceptance to get you down. Whether you are in business, a salesman or a pastor – you are not defined by what others think or do.

Then there are those who come to you for help and genuinely try to change.  They take the advice and help you provide and begin to make changes. You can see it. They can see it. But then, life throws them a curve ball again. Instead of adjusting their swing of the bat to match the pitch life has given them, they just put the bat down and walk off. You seen the changes being made, but they have made the decision to not “stand fast” and continue with the changes.  Again, it is a little discomforting to know they were so close to a break through and quit. But they do not define you. Pray that they will have their eyes opened once again. That they will turn around and come back to what you were teaching them.

Then, there are those that accept your help and implement changes that change their life – drastically. These are the ones who take what you are sharing and even use it to help others. These are the ones whom you can see the difference in their life. And it was all a result of you making the decision to help.

Now, how does all of that relate to a 30, 60, 100 fold harvest?

Let’s look at an example. For simplicity, I’m going to use very round numbers so you can see what I’m talking about.

Let’s say, you have 120 seeds. Each seed is valuable to you.

Let’s say you have 120 people. Each person is someone you try to help by sowing one seed into their life.

We learn 25% reject everything you say…

That leaves 90 people and 90 seeds.

Another 25% act like they want help but go back to their old ways immediately.

You are now at 60 people left and 60 seeds.

Another 25% accept your help, but when “life” gets in the way, they waiver and go back to the what they were doing.

You now have 30 people left and 30 seeds.

These 30 accept the help and make drastic changes in their life.

Scripture says you will reap 30, 60, 100 fold on this group.

So, 10 seeds produces 10×30 = 300 seeds

Another 10 seeds produces 10×60 = 600 seeds

And the final 10 seeds produces 10×100 = 1000 seeds

This means you started with 120 seeds. Only 25% (or 30 seeds) actually took root and made changes…

And you ended up with 1,900 seeds!

Suddenly, only helping the 25% really made a difference, right?

Next time, we will discuss this 94% increase off of just 25% of the seed!

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