About Us

This podcast was initially started as an advertising and promotion method that Bob Thibodeau used to promote his broadcasters on the online Christian radio station he founded, "Evangelism Radio" (www.evangelismradio.com). He had not considered podcasting as an integral part of his ministry outreach until the summer of 2016, when he began taking this new medium to "reach the world" seriously! Since then, he has seen tremendous growth in the impact this podcast is making in the world. This podcast is a part of "Freedom Through Faith Radio Network" - a non-profit corporation that is the owner of the "Evangelism Radio Station" and also the "Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast." Look around - listen to some episodes that seem interesting to you - SUBSCRIBE to be notified of new episodes - and reach out to us with your questions!

Here is a Brief Overview of the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast

The Kingdm Cross Roads Podcast started as a weekly podcast. It was not until Bob Thibodeau began to see the potential reach this podcast could have that he started to take it seriously and put time and effort into creating the quality program you see and hear today.

Beginning in the summer of 2017, we stepped up from a weekly to a twice per week routine. Within one month or so, we quickly realized this podcast was catching on fire - and fast!  We were receiving requests for interviews faster than we could get them edited and published for the twice per week format. So we moved the three times per week.

Soon after, we moved to our current format of Monday-Friday publication of a new program.

We also have a Coaching Program for aspiring podcasters or online radio show hosts. This training program was written by Bob Thibodeau to assist you in starting from the ground up and finishing with your own podcast ready to go!

There are also other podcast training programs that go hand in hand with this basic course, just expounding on various ways to tweak your podcast, to monetize your podcast and to help you reach even larger audiences.

Check out our "Coaching Programs" for more information.