Episode 282 – Discipleship and Fellowship International Missions – Paul Barreca pt 1

My guest today is Dr. Paul Barreca who is the eighth General Director of “Fellowship International Mission.”
Fellowship International Mission, or FIM for short, is a mission sending agency with over 100 missionaries serving in 24 countries. FIM’s goal is to assist missionaries to fulfill their calling by equipping and serving them. Rather than a specific country of focus, FIM starts with the calling of the missionary and then they come alongside to help them fulfill their call.

About the author, Robert

Robert Thibodeau is a former US Cavalry Officer; He also served 9 years as an enlisted soldier with 3 years as a Drill Sergeant, instructing Basic Trainees in their transition from civilian to military life. He is a retired Law Enforcement Officer and has been an Ordained Minister since 2001. He is the founder of "Evangelism Radio" - an online Christian radio station that operates 24/7/365 and has listeners in over 160 nations! Evangelism Radio has been rated on serveral occasions as #1 in the world in the Christian genre. The Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast was birthed as a way to promote the broadcasters on Evangelism Radio. But the popularity of this podcast has resulted in many, many requests for interviews. In response to the demand, Bob has now shifted the podcast interviews and has made them available to a wide range of Christian people from all over the world. These are Christians from all walks of life who want to be interviewed and share their part in spreading the Gospel. Bob currently resides near Baltimore, Maryland with his family.

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