Episode 328 – Helping Ministries to Record Their Programs – John Frazer pt 2

Helping Ministries to Get Started Recording Sermons – John Fraser Interview

Well, my guest today is here to give you – and ME – some tips on how to host a stress free event, well maybe not completely stress free – but at least you will not have to worry as much about the audio visual aspect of the event.

John Fraser is here to give us some tips and guidance on how to prepare for these events – whether you are hosting them yourself or helping someone else prepare for their event.

John is the founder and CEO of ZEN AV Services and an online entrepreneur with the website
“What to know before the show.”

John can teach you how to design your event or workshop as an optimal learning environment; he can show you the right audio, visual and lighting gear you can use for the budget you have; he can show you simple techniques for setting up your audio, visual and lighting for you to handle yourself or to share with your staff; he can teach you the logistics to run your event efficiently and professionally; he has staff training so you can create a highly effective workshop team. He also has templates – and checklists – and tools that will make your life easier with your workshop and he can show you some tricks, tips and techniques that are used by multi-million dollar workshop companies – but that you can do on your budget.

But today – I asked John to come back on and help us to get the best sound and/or video to make the best recordings we can to grow our ministries.

Help me welcome, back to the program, John Fraser.  John, thank you for taking the time to come back on the program!

Ok, let’s start with the first question I ask everyone, other than that short bio, tell us, “Who is John Fraser?”

How long have you been doing audio / visual work?

Now, I get asked a lot – by almost every pastor and almost every person who contacts us and wants to know about getting a program on Evangelism Radio – How can I record a quality program on a limited budget?

Explanation of a “Zoom Recorder”

A wired microphone into your cell phone.

So, let’s start with that question first… “How can someone, with almost no AV skills, record a quality program, and we can break it down into a church service and then at home…How can they do that?

What about microphones with headsets?  What should a person be aware of when they purchase these items?

How to judge the acoustics for their venue?

How about people that take their own equipment to speaking engagements?


How to distribute our recordings?

Livestream audio or visual events

Podcast hosting sites




Facebook Live


Website:  www.whattoknowbeforetheshow.com

Email:  zenavservices@gmail.com

Instagram: Johne.fraser

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