Episode 344 – Podcast Fast Track – Carey Green pt 1


Live – Build – Change – Carey Green Interview

Are you tired of trying to find a company that has Christian values as the basis of everything it does? If you are a podcaster or online radio host, manager or owner, it’s hard to find a company that you can support with your business – that you know is totally Christian value based in its concepts.  iTunes has strict content guidelines which they follow.

If you violate one of their guidelines – you could lose access to iTunes for your program. Wouldn’t it be great to find a podcast support system that you could trust 100% of the time – according to Christian values and guidelines?

Well, today’s guest has formed a company that does just that. Right up front, Carey Green says his company is not for everyone. They have a strict policy in place that puts God first in everything they do. If that offends some people – he tells them that they are not a good fit.

That does not mean everyone has to conform to their version of a moral compass, it does not mean every client has to hold the same standards and beliefs they share. It DOES mean, that if a particular client is drastically out of line with their moral compass, they will decline to work with them.  Isn’t that the way business was meant to work?

Help me welcome to the program, the founder of “Podcast Fast Track” – Carey Green!  Carey, it is a pleasure to have you on our program today!

Now, the first question I always ask our guests, I always start with this question first, tell us in your own words, “Who is Carey Green?”

You were a Pastor for over 20 years before launching out in this business. How does your personal journey help you to serve your clients?

You try to help your clients in building a “side income” or even a “full time income” in order to change their world and impact the Kingdom of God – tell us how you are trying to accomplish that?

How can pastors use social media to impact their listeners when they cannot see or have personal interaction with their listeners?

How does your podcast editing company serve the local churches that do not understand social media marketing?

You try to help clients throw off their preconceived notions about their current situations and believe God for bigger things. How do you do that?

Now, your guidelines, from what I understand is to “Live – Build – Change.”  Tell us what that means and give us a sense of how you accomplish that for your clients?

IVE – How do you, your team do this on a daily basis?

How do you encourage your clients to do so?

How do you challenge your clients to have “authentic Faith” and to live it?

BUILD – You are constantly working on developing new services. I see on your website a section about “what we are working on” for future services. Explain what you are trying to build and accomplish?

How will this benefit your clients in the future?

CHANGE – Are you focusing on change in your company?

How are you helping your clients to change what they are doing?

How can you help your clients actually “make the change.” I know that it is hard for me to change. I hate change. I like routine. How can you help someone like me see that, in some situations, change is good?

Carey, we are up against the clock. I keep saying I’m going to get this thing fixed…it seems it is always running fast.

If someone wanted to reach out to you, to ask a question, get a quote for your services – or even to ask for an interview such as this – how can they get in touch with you?

Well folks, there you have it!  I want to encourage you, if you are a fellow podcaster or radio station owner or if you just want to see if Podcast Fast Track is for you – get a quote!  Quotes cost nothing. But could be life changing! You will never know unless you ask. So contact Carey Green and his team to see if they would be a good fit for you, for your business, and how they can help YOU to impact the Kingdom of God in a bigger way! After all, we are all called to “Reach the World with the Gospel” and podcasting is doing so on a massive scale in this day and age.

For Carey Green and myself, this is Pastor Bob Thibodeau reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!


Website:  www.podcastfasttrack.com

Email: carey@podcastfasttrack.com

Facebook:  podcast fast

Twitter: @podcastfast

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