Episode 405 – Engaging Heaven Today – James Levesque pt 2

Episode 405 Show Notes for James Levesque Interview


Today, I have the distinct honor of having Pastor James Levesque on our show. I will let him fill you in on his background…but we connected through a FaceBook post I sent out, asking if anyone needed any help in establishing a podcast. Pastor Levesque asked a couple of questions as he was preparing to launch his podcast, “Engaging Heaven Today.”  That podcast is now one of the highest rated Christian podcasts on iTunes…Pastor – congratulations on that and welcome to the broadcast!

Really, tell us about your podcast…folks, I am telling you – when you listen, it is an upbeat, energetic podcast. You need to listen to this podcast every morning before you leave for work! It will FIRE YOU UP for the entire day!  Tell us about your podcast, pastor!

Now, the church building you are in – is something special to the Body of Christ…tell us about your building…

Now, naturally, it has been through a series of upgrades over the past hundred plus years…but the structural foundation is still intact?  Have you observed anything significant that was in place when it was first built…you know, like George Washington carved his initials into the wall or something…LOL

Your podcast – and congratulations on going over 100 episodes!  Most podcasters stop after about 15 or 20 episodes, the statistics say…you are now over 110 episodes (as of this date of this recording) and you are one of the fastest growing Christian podcasts…how did you promote your podcast?

What are all the media outlets your podcast is on?

Your church, is in two locations, West Haven and New London, correct?

You also have affiliate churches, in Florida and getting ready to plant a church in Canada. Tell us about that…

Back on your podcast for a minute…what type of comments and feedback have you received?

Have you tracked what nations have tuned in and listened?

Alright…we are going to enter, what I call, THE LIGHTNING ROUND!Are you ready?  Just give a brief answer to each of these next few questions…

  1. How can we know for sure, Heaven is real?
  2. Why is it some people can receive a miraculous healing and others do not?
  3. Why are there poor people who believe in God and rich people who don’t?
  4. Why do many church pastors emphasize “paying tithes” which is under the Law, but we have been redeemed from the law? Are they just trying to get our money?

If someone wanted to reach out to you, to ask a question or perhaps invite you to come and speak at their church or a group meeting, how can they contact you?

Parting thoughts…what is the one piece of advice you can give to someone who is thinking of starting a Christian podcast of their own?


Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/engaging-heaven-today/id1259025619?mt=2


Twitter: James_levesque



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