Bible Prophecy In The News – Nathan Jones pt 1

Bible Prophecy in the News – Nathan Jones pt 1


For a quick background, let me set the scent for you. Recently, the President of the United States ordered additional troops to Saudi Arabia and a few other nations in the Middle East. He did this in an effort to protect those nations from any type of attacks by Iran, most recently was the attack on the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, crippling the world’s supply of oil.

Iran denies all allegations concerning the attack on the Saudi oil fields. Yemen rebels have claimed responsibility, but US officials have determined the nation of Iran is responsible.

With all of this happening right now, I reached out and invited Nathan Jones to come back on the program today. Nathan is the web minister of Lamb and Lion Ministries and the co-host of the “Christ in Prophecy” television program. Nathan has been on our program before and if you missed his last interview, you can go back to our archives and listen to episode number 549 and 550. We had a great conversation and I do not want to take the time to rehash things we talked about there. So take the time to go back and listen to those episodes separate from today’s interview.

And with all that being said, help me welcome back to the program, Nathan Jones!  Nathan, thank you for coming back on the program to discuss these current events we are seeing on the news!

Nathan, let me briefly lay out what we are going to be talking about on our time together today.

Ok, now, there has always been rogue nations, but right now two of the worst perpetrators represent a big part of the alliance of nations predicted in Ezekiel 38 and 39. The Bible says Russia will lead a coalition of nations against Israel. Today, Russia is a nuclear super power. They were on the verge of dissolution when the former Soviet Union collapsed. But there has been a resurgence lately as they try to reclaim their prior super power status.

Recently, they have been successful in their attempts to build super weapons. They have set aside the nuclear disarmament treaty (as has the United States in response to their build up). But it has also been reported that they have also been able to breach computer systems of nations around the world. It was recently announced that the Russians were successful in breaching communications within the FBI and the CIA.

Then, when we look at Iran, we can see the coalition being formed that was outlined in Ezekiel 38. Iran has denied any involvement in the recent drone strike against Saudi Arabian oil facilities. But the Houthi rebels in Yemen are fully funded and supplied by their fellow Shiite Muslims in Iran. How could the Houthi rebels get such sophisticated weapons? There is only one possible answer. Iran. The attack used Iranian-made drones.

Nathan, when we look at the Ezekiel 38 war, the players are taking shape right before our very eyes, correct?

If we look at the list of nations in the Psalm 83 war, they are forming, what is called, the “inner circle” of nations surrounding Israel. And the war described in Ezekiel 38 & 39, the nations mentioned are, basically, an “outer circle” around Israel. Correct?

Now, is the Psalm 83 war the same or is that going to be prior to Ezekiel 38?

I had the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel on recently, and he explained how Israel is preparing for was with Lebanon. This could spark the inner circle war as well.

If prior, and we see the coalition forming from Ezekiel 38 now, that means the Psalm 83 war must be very, very soon. Correct?

Now, politicians around the world deny fighting wars in the name of oil. But it has been going on for most of the 20thand into the 21stcentury. I remember reading that Germany had paid the Arabs, mainly in Turkey, if I’m not mistaken, to build oil pipelines from the Middle East to Germany. That would supply them with the oil they needed. When Germany and, basically, the world went to war, they needed oil. Turkish leaders, wanting to keep the money rolling in, sided with Germany. Hence the desert wars started and spread to northern Africa as well. When Germany lost, that is when Great Britain and the Allies took control of the region. Which then resulted in the nation of Israel being born again in May of 1948.  But, basically, it was a war over oil.

Saudi Arabia garnered world wide favor, as did other Arab nations, when vast amounts of oil was discovered in their territories. This resulted in the extreme wealth of the elite in those nations.

When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait for their oil fields and their port, President George HW Bush took swift action in putting together the coalition of forces to drive them out. IT was war over oil.

Nathan, do you think these recent actions involving Iran are the Iranian reactions to the massive sanctions the United States and our Allies around the world have imposed on them? Basically driving them into taking desperate actions?  They are unable to export their oil and therefore, are going broke, correct?

I know the hardcore Islamists would never allow worship of anyone other than Allah. So for these things to take place, Islam must already be defeated, correct?

And scripture says “Damascus” will be laid in ruin – which has never happened until this day and time with the civil war in Syria, correct?

I seen an article on Bloomburg News, where they reported that “Iran, Russian and China are now planning on a naval drill in the north Indian Ocean and Sea of Oman. All in response the United States sending troops to the Middle East.  These will be the FIRST Joint Exercises ever held by those three nations.” I mean, here we go, right?  Isn’t this exactly what the Bible predicted would happen?

Nathan, is the American church, well for that matter, “THE CHURCH” at large, that spiritually blind that they are unable to see the handwriting on the wall, so to speak?



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