Dreams and Visions in the Last Days – Tom Donnan pt 1

Dreams and Visions in the Last Days

Tom Donnan pt 1

Is the United States at the precipice of destruction? We’ve all heard the stories about the Roman Empire. How they rose to greatness and then fell, over time, until they were no more. We’ve heard the comparisons that the United States has been following the same patterns and how some say “history is repeating itself.” Is all of that true?

Some say “God would never let that happen. The United States is a nation formed by people that loved God and has God’s blessings.”

My response is: “So did Israel. Yet, He let them get overrun and dispersed across the globe.”

Our friend, Tom Donnan, is back today. Tom always brings timely perspective to current events we see in the news. If you go back and listen, say the past year or so, to our episodes where Tom has been on the program, you will be amazed at what you hear.

The progression of events is getting darker and darker. Things we talked about a year and a half or two years ago – have either happened or are in the process of happening. Could it be the things we talked about recently and will talk about today will come to pass in the near future?

We’ve been talking about the “Convergence Factor” for several months now. Things are happening faster and at the same time as other things. Could this be the end of the United States as we have known it?

For some perspective on this, let’s welcome back to the program, Tom Donnan! Tom, thank you for coming back on today!

Let’s start with September 11th, 2001. I remember exactly where I was at when events began to unfold. I was just on the outskirts of DC, traveling southbound on I-295, when the plane hit the Pentagon. Actually, it probably about 5 minutes or so after because the smoke was billowing up. How about you? Where were you at?

This caused one of the biggest bailouts at the time, only dwarfed by the financial collapse of 2008. And then we add in the COVID relief packages that dwarfed even that. This nation is just spending money left and right – I should say, printing money left and right. It would be like us needing to make our house payment and go downstairs to the copier and just print several sheets of $100 bills and using that to pay our creditors. That’s really all these bailouts are. There is NOTHING backing these transactions up.

Let’s talk about some of the dreams you’ve had over the last several years that are not starting to, shall we say, taking the “form” of coming to pass?

February 2010 – while speaking with a pastor in his office, a book flies off the shelf on its own and lands near Tom’s feet. The book: A Summary of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, by Dr. D.J. Kennedy.

The dream of being a servant in an “elitist” house, planning your escape.

The dream of Russia invading from the Gulf of Mexico and Chinese invading from the west coast. Fleeing hostile parts of the US for the “free territory” and escaping from a military camp.

Understanding that when the “Constitution falls” – all of these things begin to come to pass…

Have we seen the beginning of the end of the Constitution?

January 2011 – a dream where Tom is standing guard on the Southern Border and sees “Coyotes” running across the border in an invasion. Are we seeing this happening right before our eyes right now?

Folks, everything we’ve been sharing, not just today, but for the last couple of years, IS COMING TO PASS right before our eyes. This just confirms that the soon return of Jesus is closer than ever. I have talked to some people who do not believe the next election will even take place in this country. Will all of this happen BEFORE Jesus comes back? Or is His return even closer than the next election? WE don’t know. But if you are not prepared for it – you will miss out on it. And then the real problems begin.


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