Are We In The End Times? – Nathan Jones pt 1

Are We in the End Times?  – Nathan Jones pt 1

Where do you see yourself on the Prophetic Timeline right now? Do you believe that we are close to the Lord’s soon return? Do you believe “the end is near?” Do you believe things are going along just as they always have and just as they always will?

My guest today is going to share some insights to the correct answer to some of those questions, and others, as it concerns “Biblical Prophesy and the End Times.”

If you are a student of Bible Prophecy, you should have seen the television program, “Christ in Prophecy” with Dr. David Reagan at some point in time.  Christ in Prophecy is also heard twice per day on our radio station, “Evangelism Radio.” When our station first started, way back in October 2010, I reached out, probably within the first couple of weeks, asking permission to air “Christ in Prophecy” on our radio station.  I received a reply back within a day or so granting permission to do so. And “Christ in Prophecy” has been on every single day for the last 9 years.

My guest today is the co-host of that program, Nathan Jones.

Nathan is the web minister and Internet Evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries – the ministry that sponsors the Christ in Prophecy program. Nathan in online almost every day, responding to inquiries and having discussions with people from all over the world, concerning the Lord and, of course, Bible Prophecy.

Nathan is a graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University, attended the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and received a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership from Liberty University.

In addition to co-hosting “Christ in Prophecy,” Nathan helps to develop the Lamb & Lion Ministries website at well as the Christ in Prophecy Facebook Group, produces Bible teaching videos (which are quite good, I might add), speaks at Bible conferences around the nation and is the author of a few books – one of which is an awesome resource that I’ve used in my preaching, “12 Faith Journey’s of the Minor Prophets.”  A link to that book is available in the show notes below.

It is estimated that over 3 Billion people have access to the Internet – and Nathan Jones is right there to help the understand Bible Prophecy and answer their questions about the Lord.

Nathan is married, the father of three children and he is HERE with us today…

Help me welcome to the program, Nathan Jones!

Nathan, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to join us today!

Nathan, I always start with this question first. Other than that short bio I just read, tell us in your own words, “Who is Nathan Jones?”

How long have you been with Lamb & Lion Ministries?

You were probably who responded to my request to broadcast your programs on the radio station!

How did you get involved with Lamb & Lion Ministries?

I graduated from Jerry Savelle’s Heritage of Faith Bible School back in 1999. I became familiar with “Christ in Prophecy” about that time as well. I do not make it back as often as I want. But I remember a few years ago, I was back and near McKinney, Texas. I was staying with some friends about 20 minutes away. I reached out asking if I could stop by the ministry and meet you and take a look around.  I was surprised when YOU texted me back about 10 minutes later! Unfortunately, you were at another prophecy conference and not in the area at the time. But you are definitely responsive when it comes to answering inquiries!

Before I get into some prophecy questions, I want to talk about a BIG transition that has just been announced about Lamb & Lion Ministries and Dr. Reagan. Tell us about that…

I take it we will be seeing a lot more of Tim Moore. Will Dr. Reagan continue to be on the TV program? Or will you and Tim Moore be hosting it from now on?

Now, let’s talk about the “Soon return of Jesus!”  Amen!

I’m going to ask this question just to get it out there.  After you answer, I’ll give my summary statement. Nothing that I haven’t said before, but it gets my point across when confronted with those that disagree with me on the subject.  But let me ask you, “Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib or Post-Trib?”

My response when someone thinks I’m wrong on that is, “You can stay if you want to, but I’m planning on going out with the first load.”

But tell us WHY you think Pre-Trib is indicated in the Bible?

I know, from the program and from many of the guests you have had on, that the main indicator we are living in the days leading up to the return of Jesus is “Convergence.” Explain what that means to our audience.

And the Rapture could not have occurred 100 years ago simply because Israel did not exist. It was not until May 1948. Does everything in Bible prophecy center around Israel?

If someone wanted to reach out to you, to ask a question, get some resources, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, I truly encourage you to go to the Lamb & Lion Ministries website,  take a look around. You would not believe the amount of resources that are on that site. Information, books, videos, blog posts. Dr. David Reagan has been doing this a long time and there is so much information he has authored and is available on that site.

In addition, they are not shy about promoting other Bible Prophecy experts works either. You will find information on their from several other major, Bible Prophecy ministries and experts. Including Nathan Jones!  And I highly, highly recommend Nathan’s book, “12 Faith Journey’s of the Minor Prophets.”  I have this book on my desk and use it regularly as I’m preparing a teaching. The information in that book is truly awesome.




Book: 12 Faith Journey’s of the Minor Prophets   on Amazon

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